Spooky Inspirations from Stretch Structures

Halloween with Stretch
Halloween is a day (and night) filled with fun, plenty of candy and perhaps even a few spine-chilling moments (is that a White-Walker in the bushes?). People tend to go a little overboard when it comes to decorating – and why not? This is where we can help out and perhaps provide a little bit of …

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Inflatables Pose Options Indoors

Inflatable Walls
With the weather being a little unpredictable at this time of year, we’d like to introduce you to our range of indoor inflatables that could pose some serious solutions at your next event. If you’re setting up a scene from scratch and you need areas sectioned off to create zones, consider using our inflatable walls …


Product Special – Inflatable Tunnels

Inflatable promotional tunnel
Available in a any size and a broad range of designs these modular tunnels can be joined together to make a stunning indoor or outdoor entrance or memorable passage. Ideal for projections and lighting you can wow the guests at your next event by projecting internally or externally onto the tunnels. Whether it is corporate …

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Inflatable Lights

Both visually stunning and easily installed Inflatable lights can fill and transform a large space or accent more intimate areas with color and drama day and night Available in a variety of shapes such as cones or cylinders, these lighted accents can be used as dramatic entranceways, room partitions, “reveal walls” or simply as décor. …

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