Inflatable Axion Structures

Why buy an Inflatable Axion?

Axion sealed inflatable structures provide you with a lightweight, air-sealed solution. Hence, they are easy to transport, fast to install and require no electricity to run.

inflatable axion

The Axion range is very versatile. Start with the basic shape and roof structure and then add components as you need them. This allows you to build on the original investment you have made. Add new walls, visor, floors, LED lights, ballast bags or even a new roof “skin” without having to replace the starting framework.

Inflatable Axion 7m x 7m sealed inflatable structures

They are modular, so you can add a second structure to link to your original too. We can also supply a range of branded matching inflatable furniture (tablesdonut seatsarm chairs, couches and reclinerspromotional arches, and shapes (bottlescubes)

Axion Furniture

Our Sealed Inflatable Floats offer different kinds of buoys for all types of water sports or can be custom made with the sponsor’s logo.

Inflatable Axion Cube

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