Hire turns to Purchase: Your Stretch Tent

Finding a Stretch Structure that works hard for you

Ever thought of buying your Stretch Tent instead of hiring? Sometimes, it’s better to commit to a concept that will work hard for you in the long run.

Stretch Tent Hire turns to Purchase

Hire turns to Purchase

We spoke to Chester Barrett of Tention Event Stretch Tents. “There is an ever-growing demand for Stretch Tents in the UK. Their long-list of benefits over traditional frame marquees put them ahead of the pack. Businesses that hold frequent or long-term events are saving money on hire rates by purchasing their own unique branded stretch structure.”

Points to remember

We’d like to highlight a few aspects of his comments:

  • The event industry is growing (in frequency and creativity).
  • You save money by purchasing your own Stretch Tent, rather than perpetual hire.
  • The Stretch Tent can also be branded to further benefit your business.

Stretch Tent Hire turns to Purchase

Experience speaks volumes

Chester’s first-hand experience with a recent client added clarity: “Whilst working with companies like WeAreHypen, who produced a 10-day event for Vodafone, we’re anticipating more business to take the same approach.”

Leaders in the Event and Festival industry demand eye-catching, versatile and hardworking structures. Chester adds, “Stretch tents prove themselves as a flexible and successful marketing tool for creating awareness for products in public spaces.”

Stretch Tent Hire turns to Purchase

Chester’s tips for a successful event:

As experts in the event installation services industry, Tention Stretch Tents are able to provide you with the perfect stretch structure, and set up and install to your exacting requirements. We have developed a range of great value, installation services to support customers who are looking to purchase and market products with their own stretch tent.”

Tention Stretch Tent Options:

  • Install and Removal Service  We supply a skilled stretch tent installation team to erect your company’s stretch tent, anywhere in the UK. This package is recommended for customers who will have a competent person on-site to over-see the structure’s safety for the duration of the event.
  • Full-Time Structural Management  For events with high footfall or customers who aren’t competent with temporary structures. This is the ideal package for you. We will supply a member of our team to be with you for the duration of your event. Making sure that your structure is secure at all times. 
  • Stretch Tent Installation and Management Training  A complete 3 day course teaching two or more members of your team to install, safe keep and dismantle your stretch tent safely. This would give your company the ultimate freedom to approach any event with the skill and knowledge required.

Tention terms and conditions apply and we recommend that stretch tents should only be installed by a skilled, competent person.

To learn more about Tention Events services please contact our friendly team at info@tentionstretchtents.co.uk

To discuss purchasing a stretch tent or discuss branding please contact our Stretch Structures Team at info@stretchstructures.com, or click through to purchase online.

Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

Player Protection achieved with Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

We were very happy to deliver a wonderful new retractable player tunnel for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field Stadium. It arrived in time for the first game of the season.

Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

The Client Brief

Provide temporary shelter from the elements and privacy for players as they arrive and leave from the VIP players car park situated across the road from the stadium.

Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

The Solution

The tunnel has three sections which can be used from either ends of the stadium and the car park. They are extended to meet and link together, to provide temporary shelter for the players as they cross the road either way before and after games.

Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

The tunnel has a clear roof and custom “Chicago Cub” green side-walls for privacy. It is user and operator friendly and is suitable for permanent or temporary installation.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, our retractable tunnels provide a perfect, versatile solution.

Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

Click through to Purchase a Retractable Tunnel, or Contact Stretch Structures today for a quote or for more information, or email us at info@stretchstructures.com if you have any questions.

Line-X Inflatable Axion – A Winning Display


Line-X Puts Best Foot Forward using an Axion Exhibit

Line-X Australia wanted an outdoor exhibit that would put them a step above their competitors. After discussing their options with Stretch Structures they chose the AXION Square with branding, visors and side walls. The structure turned heads at their latest show, the Perth 4WD and Adventure Show, and made a positive impact in bold black, which made their yellow Line-X logo pop.

Line-X Axion A Promotional Display

Line-X, an Australian-based company, provide protection for your vehicle with the toughest and most durable bed-liners on the market. The product is sprayed on and is designed to meet the needs of all truck owners: farmer, hunter, contractor or weekend adventurer.

David Newton, Retail and Franchise Operator @ Line-X Astralia, was extremely happy with the results: ‘The show went really well, and a huge part of that was the Axion Display. I could confidently say that this one event would have covered the initial outlay. Not necessarily from profit alone, but the other factors such as Brand Image (not only to our customers but also to other exhibitors at the show), and exposure and the work that will flow on from the connections made. Our display really put us a step above our competitors and confirmed our position in the market as the #1 spray on liner.

Line-X Axion Outdoor Exhibit

Thank you for making this happen on such a short timeframe. Your prompt action, attention to detail, and professional service made the whole process very straightforward, and as such I have no doubt we will be talking to you soon regarding additional equipment.

We were delighted to add another satisfied customer to our AXION family of fans.

Read more about Axion Attractions and why our axion inflatable tents are so right for your next campaign.

Images supplied by Line-X Australia (Facebook @LinexAustralia)


Starting a Hire Company? Words from Tention UK


“Bedouinflex is the best stretch fabric to invest in if you’re starting a new hire company!” A testimonial from Chester Barrett of Tention UK.

Back in 2014 my new company Tention, (pronounced tension) invested in it’s very first Bedouinflex stretch tent from Stretch Structures. Our goal back then and today has been to support our customer’s events with affordable and great looking stretch tents.

Tention UK - Bedouinflex Sand tents with joining strip
Tention UK – Bedouinflex Sand tents with connection system installed

Our company has been growing every year since then and we’ve realised a lot of that success has been down to our choice of stretch fabric and the size of the tents.

We started as a very small company, with a small storage space. Which was great for low overheads, but not ideal for drying and managing large fabric sizes.

That’s where the Bedouinflex fabric and the connection system has been our top business secret. Keeping overheads down, whilst maximising potential income.

Stretch Structures Bedouinflex Fabric
Stretch Structures Bedouinflex Fabric – tensile strength and two way stretch

Benefits of the Bedouinflex fabric

  • Bedouinflex is lightweight compared to other manufacturers fabric, but still very importantly has an incredible tensile strength. We’ve created great looking structures with amazing shape for our customers events without the struggle of huge weights every day.
  • The lighter weight also makes our hire prices much more competitive by saving on crew costs. This has been more important to our success than we first realised, as in today’s markets we are seeing that customers are very cost driven.
Stretch Structures Connection System
Stretch Structures unique Bedouinflex Connection System – versatile and waterproof

Benefits of the Connection System

I know we aren’t the first company to have purchased our tents in this way, however it truly has been a revolution in our business. What do I mean?

  • Purchasing two smaller tents instead of one larger tent will give you and your customers much more flexibility. For example, make a 20x15m tent with two 10×7.5m tents using Stretch Structures unique connection system.
  • Potentially hire out two tents at two different events at the same time, in two different site locations.
  • Customise the dimensions of the larger tent by it’s width and length. 10x15m / 15x10m.
  • Satisfy your customers requirements with a tent that is the perfect fit for their event’s budget.
  • Handle less weight transporting the fabric.
  • Reduce your area that’s needed for drying the fabric to a much more manageable and cost effective space.
  • Use only half the size of the tent for practice and training days.
Tention UK - Syon Park Event
Tention UK – Syon Park Event

It’s hard to stress how important the need for lightweight, weatherproof and flexible fabric is to a smaller company. When you don’t have the infrastructure to handle long drying times and heavy equipment, it’s the make or break. I know that the Bedouinflex fabric and connection system has been a huge success in our business and I know we won’t be the only ones!

Thank you Stretch Structures.

Article written by : Chester Barrett of Tention UK

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/chester-barrett/2a/b60/969

Environmentally friendly wood and stretch fabric stages

Festival Client – Tommy Lyle, Wood of a Kind

We first chatted to Tommy Lyle of Wood of a Kind from Boulder Colorado back in January, 2016. We instantly resonated with his philosophy and approach to his craft. He is a rustic wood worker and festival stages are just one of the ways he expresses himself.

Wood of a Kind Stage and BedouinFlex fabric
Wood Stage and BedouinFlex fabric (Tommy Lyle, Wood of a Kind)

For his first project working with us, he chose Bedouinflex Premium stretch fabric for the canopy of the stage in order to insulate and waterproof the wooden structure. He was pleased with how easy it was to work with the fabric. The concept: the stage needed to be permanent, but the waterproof canopy would be assembled and disassembled according to the up-coming event.

Wood of a Kind Stage and BedouinFlex fabric - men at work
Wood Stage and BedouinFlex fabric – Men at Work (Tommy Lyle, Wood of a Kind)

This was a particularly large structure (90” x 50”; 27m x 15m) but the fabric is so lightweight that he was able to wash it himself and only needed the assistance of one other colleague to put it up.

He added, ‘It has just the right amount of stretch to make the job come out perfect in every way, even if there are imperfections in the structure I put it on.

Through further conversation, we found out that the main challenge in the marketplace is trying to convince people to build environmentally friendly stages – there’s no reason to burden the earth for a weekend festival. ‘I source my wood from the property of the festival or nearby and the Bedouinflex fabric allowed me to reduce the amount of wood used – it’s an amazing combination.‘ 

#Starmind stage installation at Unifier Festival - photo credits Parallaxedpanda
Starmind stage breakdown at the Unifier Festival 2016 (photo credits Parallaxedpanda)

I hope to change the market by building bigger, more affordable, carbon neutral stages that inspire people to abandon the ugly metal stages while implementing proper forestry techniques, leaving the woods healthier than we found them.

Even the way he disposes of the bark and scrap improves the woods.  He has a degree in Environmental Biology which drives him to be better than a commercial builder.

So what’s next for Tommy Lyle? ‘I’ll be building for Oregon Eclipse, which is a world class festival. It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest, so Bedouinflex Premium fabric will be part of my toolkit to make sure my build is world class.

Music festivals are a catalyst for change. Tommy hopes to inspire and influence the art festival scene by raising the standard of quality. ‘I hope to influence festivals that claim to adopt the permaculture design system to switch over and put that money into the pockets of their community and we all come together to build environmentally friendly, locally sourced wooden stages.

I do this for fun.

Parting shot:

Q: What is the best piece of business advice you’ve ever received?

A: ‘Never do business with someone that gives you the creeps from day one and don’t let them talk you out of a contract because that’s the kind of person you NEED to sign a contract with.

#StarMind Stage at Unifier Festival - photo credits Zebbler Studios
StarMind stage at the Unifier Festival 2016 (photo credits Zebbler Studios)

**StarMind** Stage at the Unifier Festival
Stage design and artwork by The Reliquarium
Projections and photo credit to Zebbler Studios
Raw timber post, beam and fabric stage creation by Tommy Lyle and Ashton Blair
Lighting by Justin Jannone
Live performance by Incus

Wood of a Kind Stage and BedouinFlex fabric - Front of House at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom
Wood and BedouinFlex fabric – Front of House at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom (Tommy Lyle, Wood of a Kind)

Article credits: Tommy Lyle, Wood of a Kind, Boulder Colorado.

This Versatile Stretch Tent is On The Move

The Scallywags Fabulous Yellow Festival Tent

We recently met a very inspirational client and thought we’d share their story with you.

Scallywags Yellow Tent used as a Stage
Scallywags Yellow Tent used as a Stage

The ultimate travelling band, Good Times Music and The Scallywags run their own event as well as taking their talents to other events around the country.

They chose to use a bright yellow Bedouinflex marquee from Stretch Structures because of it’s versatility, flexibility and the fact that it packed up really compact and is easy to transport. The price was another factor that sealed the deal – quality at an affordable price!

Scallywags Yellow Tent (Dot-n-Bang) Field Good Music
Scallywags Yellow Tent (Dot-n-Bang) Field Good Music

The ease of set up and the small pack down size is unbeatable and they look fantastic in situ’ says Duncan Stewart of Good Times Music.

Scallywags Field Good Music Yellow Tent
Scallywags Yellow Tent (Dirty Vertebrae) Field Good Music

He followed on to say, ‘We run our own festival called Field Good Music and we’ve attached the tent to the side of our tour bus which is then used as the main stage at the event. It serves double duty as we then took it to another festival and used it as a cafe for the weekend, off the side of the coach. Over the course of the summer, we’ll be taking it to many festivals and it’ll be used as a cafe and/or a stage.

Scallywags Yellow Tent used as a Cafe
Scallywags Yellow Tent used as a Cafe

Our band is gaining popularity through the UK which in turn helps with the success of the event and vice versa, helping create knowledge and exposure for all aspects.

Scallywags Signature Yellow Stretch Structures Tent
Scallywags Signature Yellow Stretch Structures Tent

And with them all the way is their trusty bright yellow Bedouinflex stretch tent – their signature draw card!

Find the Scallywags on Facebook and Buy Tickets to their next “Scallywag Party” on the 19th – 20th May/Burton Bradstock, Dorset.

The Label: www.goodtimesmusic.co.uk

The Studio: www.gtmstudios.co.uk

The Band: www.the-scallywags.co.uk

A word from our customers: Flo the Coffee Van

A Stretch Tent Adventure To The Isle Of Man, UK

It all starts with a concept. Being able to identify a gap in the market that can be filled by a new business, a concept that is hopefully unique, perhaps even quirky, that provides a product or service, or both! You don’t need to be a mind reader to try and understand what your potential customer needs, you just have a put yourself in their shoes.


Stuart Johnstone of Stretch Structures Australia suggests that you ‘morph yourself into your client, get to the depth of their needs, find out all the details and in that way, you are able to present them with the best, most user-friendly and tailor-made solutions to their needs.

Our customer of the month has managed to cover all those criteria and they’ve added a good dose of personality as well as polished and polite service. We ventured way up north to the Isle of Man in the UK to meet Stuart and Annabel Gentry. They’re an enthusiastic team who describe their business concept as ‘unique, user-friendly and inviting.’

They purchased their Stretch Structure to go with their mobile Citroen HY horsebox which has been lovingly restored and kitted out to serve a wide range of hot drinks, sugary treats and food-truck style grub. Mobile, service driven and packed full of goodies to satisfy everyone: from the sweetest tooth to the hulking hungry-man.

Photo credit: Flo the Coffee Van

After months of searching, they found us. ‘We had to look into what could withstand the winter months and high winds of the Isle of Man.

Since their signature style is tasteful, down-to-earth and inviting, it was important to them to find the perfect addition to not only match their style, but to extend their service zone, opening up many more options for weddings, fairs and charity events. They managed to find that in a 4.5m x 6m Stretchflex Lite marquee in Sand, which added that ‘wow’ factor to their business. ’When we received our tent it was better than we could imagine. It fits perfectly with our vision for our business and compliments our Citroen HY Coffee Van.’ They were also impressed with how easily it goes up, and packs down even quicker into a compact storage bag.
This is what we at Stretch Structures delight in…. satisfied customers who want to share their experience. If you have a story to tell, feel free to send us your information and we’d be happy to share your unique experience.

Feel free to visit their website at: http://www.flothecoffeevan.com/.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Flo-the-Coffee-Van-1400323430270954/