QZEBO Helps Extend Outdoor Dining Capacity

Hospitality venues use Qzebo to offer socially distanced outdoor dining cover

Hospitality trading looks very different in 2020! Experts say the rate of covid transmission is lower outside than it is inside. So the focus is on drinking and dining outdoors to accommodate customers who feel safer in socially distanced outdoor spaces. The Qzebo is a great way to create continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces. An excellent solution to keep patrons sheltered from the elements.

Qzebo outdoor dining cover protecting customers from the elements two 5x20m cubes linked with zip walls

What is the Qzebo?

The Qzebo is a free-standing pergola, with an elegant and minimal design. It is manufactured in modular cubes. Hence customers can link multiple Qzebo’s together, easily creating large covered outdoor spaces.

Qzebo outdoor dining area supporting the New Lido restaurant, so you can enjoy your aperitif warm and safely

The supporting frame is 100% aluminium. Preconstraint PVC fabric is installed using tailor-made profiles so they integrate perfectly with the side cross-bars. These technical features are designed to make the structure resistant to weather conditions and long-lasting. Therefore giving you a safe investment that will reward you for a long time.

Qzebo Carpark and pavement outdoor dining cover

Why use a Qzebo?

Qzebo pergolas are ideal covers for bars and restaurants. They give you the possibility of expanding your business to the outside world. Socially distanced outdoor dining at its best! An excellent solution to keep patrons sheltered from the rain, wind and sun. Zip and landscape walls are a popular add on for restaurants and bars.

Qzebo Carpark outdoor dining cover

It provides shelter from the sun and is a very effective protection from rain and wind.‎ Qzebo enables businesses to quickly extend their outside usable space without having destructive works carried out. The below images are a perfect example of the sidewalk public space being reclaimed and used efficiently by a cafe.

Qzebo has multiple functions, hence it’s the perfect way to not only create an atmospheric outdoor seated space for a bar or restaurant, but also to stylishly decorate a private garden or terrace. Read more about alternative social distancing solutions here.

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