Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

Player Protection achieved with Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

We were very happy to deliver a wonderful new retractable player tunnel for the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field Stadium. It arrived in time for the first game of the season.

Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

The Client Brief

Provide temporary shelter from the elements and privacy for players as they arrive and leave from the VIP players car park situated across the road from the stadium.

Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

The Solution

The tunnel has three sections which can be used from either ends of the stadium and the car park. They are extended to meet and link together, to provide temporary shelter for the players as they cross the road either way before and after games.

Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

The tunnel has a clear roof and custom “Chicago Cub” green side-walls for privacy. It is user and operator friendly and is suitable for permanent or temporary installation.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, our retractable tunnels provide a perfect, versatile solution.

Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

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Let’s talk safety at events


In all of the fun planning around things like ambiance, it can feel burdensome to worry about something like safety. But it’s important to properly plan for such measures when you’re in charge of an event and the people attending.

When people attend events, they don’t think about things like safety – they expect that the organisers already have.  So it’s an important part of your responsibility in hosting an event. We’ve put together this starting guide to the basics of safety at events.



  • By identifying possible risks at your event you can then control those risks in an appropriate manner. In order to do this you must think about what might cause harm to the attendees at your event. Determine if you are taking reasonable steps to prevent that harm.
  • The goal with risk management is not to entirely remove risks. Try to identify sensible measures to control the risks.
  • Ensure measures are in place that are reasonable if a situation arises.


  • Stepping into the shoes of a worker or attendee and seeing the day from their vantage point.
  • What will they see, where will they be, how will they get from place to place?
  • A good place to start is to think about the safety of structures above their heads and what’s at their feet.
  • Identify the hazards at your event, the potential of harm, what can be done to lessen the risk, and what will be done if something happens.
  • These findings will create your risk management and safety plans.



  • Identify the products you’re using at your event and the potential for harm.
  • Have you chosen products that help alleviate safety concerns?
  • Do your structures meet safety standards and have they got engineering certificates?
  • Choose products that will protect those at your event.


  • What wind load and ballasts are required to keep structures steady and in place in high winds/ rain?
  • Stretch Structures use the best material designed to meet most global fire, structural, and safety standards.
  • The strong fabric contains built-in fire retardant, adding an additional level of prevention to your risk management plans.
  • They also come with engineering certificates and wind guidelines.


  • Similar prevention methods should also include considering the best people to install electrical equipment
  • Highlighting areas attendees should stay away from throughout your event.


  • The people at your event will fall into two categories – those working and those attending.
  • You’ll want to ensure that those working your event have safe working conditions for themselves, plus the ability to help attendees in emergency situations.


  • Structures and equipment can sometimes be very heavy so the more hands to help, the lighter the workload and the safer of workers.


  • It’s also important to note the wide range of people you could have both working and attending your event and the individual needs they could have. People who could need more attention include those who are very young or old, those with severe allergies, expectant mothers, and people with disabilities.


  • Check your local environmental and health safety laws to ensure you are considering all the safety elements at your events and to receive additional guidance to make your event a success.
  • Its always good to prepare an emergency plan just in case something does go wrong. It’s worth the extra level of protection and peace of mind.

This guide just covers the basics of event planning safety and only touches on these important topics. It is by all means not an extensive list but a starting point to consider safety at your events.

If you are using Stretch Structures and are concerned about safety at your event, contact us to discuss how we can help ensure the safety of our structures and your patrons. We take safety very seriously and have our own safety practices to ensure we are helping you plan for the best event possible.

Inflatable Woolly Mammoth Woos at Exhibit

Stretch Structures are up to Mammoth Inflatable Task

We love of our latest inflatable creation, just another example to show our clients that we can create just about anything!

Inflatable Mammoth - Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum

Meet a life sized woolly mammoth. A temporary display commissioned by the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum. The exhibition has been curated especially for children to answer all their questions about mammoths. When did the mammoths go extinct? How did it happen?

Inflatable Mammoth - Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum

Penny Packham, Public Programs Officer, was delighted with the inflatable structure – ‘Looks wonderful. Everyone smiles when they see it!’

So how do we go about taking an idea and turning it into a reality? Read more about how inflatable shapes get you noticed, or check out our collection of inflatable structures and sealed inflatable shapes.

The mini mammoth exhibition is currently on display at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum until 22 July 2018. So if you’re near Bathurst, pop in for a visit, it’s not everyday you get to meet a woolly mammoth, or check out their video’s on Facebook

Images supplied by Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum (Facebook @somerville.afmm)


Fixing a Stretch Tent to Concrete and Walls

How hard is it to attach a Stretch Tent to Concrete and Walls?

We all know how quick and simple stretch tents are to set up on grass. Lay your stretch tent out, determine where the pegs go and in no time they’re in the ground and your stretch tent is starting to take shape!


But what happens if it’s on concrete or against a wall?

Well, believe it or not it’s just as simple, all you need is a bracket and some bolts.

Using a 12mm /15/32” size Dynabolt or Sleeve Anchor and a Galvanised steel Angle Bracket is all you need to safely anchor your tent to concrete or brickwork.

Angle Bracket Steel
Angle Bracket Steel

Use the same steps as if you were on grass:

  1. Lay out your tent in the position you desire.
  2. Mark where you want the anchor points.
  3. Drill and anchor the brackets.
  4. Attach a carabiner clip.
  5. Start to erect your stretch tent.
Stretch Tent attached to concrete floor
Stretch Tent attached to concrete floor

You can then apply the same method if you were attaching to a brick or timber wall or a roof!

Stretch Tent attached to wall
Stretch Tent attached to wall

If attaching to timber just replace the Dynabolt or Sleeve Anchor with a Coach screw.

Coach Screw for Timber
Coach Screw for Timber

Once you have finished using your stretch tent, just remove the bracket and bolt and it’s like you were never there.

These methods are fast and strong and will allow you to enjoy your stretch tent in any situation.

Angle Bracket attached to concrete
Angle Bracket


Stretch Tents – Year End Look Back 2017

Super Custom Stretch Tent Projects

With the end of 2017 fast approaching, let’s look back at some of our custom stretch tent projects that left a lasting impression on us!

Custom Stretch Tent for SEAM - School in a box
Custom Stretch Tent for SEAM – School in a box

Read how SEAM created a School-in-a-Box concept – educational resource materials (library, computers etc) are stored in a small central box which is secure and weather-proof. When open, shelving and a fold-out work space for the computers is revealed. And this is where Stretch Structures come in: all school materials are protected by a super-durable, weather resistant tent with retro-fitted guttering system which not only looks good, but works to collect rain water.

Scallywags Custom Stretch Tent used as a Stage
Scallywags Custom Stretch Tent used as a Stage

Read how the ultimate travelling band, The Scallywags run their own event, Field Good Music, as well as appearing all over the UK. And with them all the way is their trusty bright yellow Bedouinflex Stretch Tent attached to their tour bus – their signature draw card!

Wood of a Kind Stage and Custom Stretch Tent Cover
Wood of a Kind Stage and Custom Stretch Tent Cover

Read how Tommy Lyle of Wood of a Kind builds environmentally friendly wooden stages for festival clients and chose Bedouinflex Premium stretch fabric for the custom canopy of the stage in order to insulate and waterproof the wooden structure. The concept: the stage needed to be permanent, but the waterproof canopy would be assembled and disassembled according to the up-coming event.

Custom Stretch Tent & Truss for Jaguar XE launch @ Australian F1 Grand Prix
Custom Stretch Tent & Truss for Jaguar XE launch @ Australian F1 Grand Prix

Read how the Jaguar XE was launched @ the Australian F1 Grand Prix under a Stretch Tent and Truss. The client brief: “the largest, most impactful brand exposure possible – as eye-catching as the car!” The stage truss structure for Jaguar provided dynamic design and the tasteful combination of precision stitched leather, chrome and highly polished alloy surfaces.


Christmas Event Structures and Decor

With Christmas just around the corner here at SMFS we have a great deal of experience in creating innovative and eye catching Christmas products and event structures.  A range always popular is our inflatable snow globes and ever popular stretch lycra Christmas tree.


Inflatable Christmas Present Cube
Inflatable Christmas Present Cube







Christmas event decor and structures
Christmas event decor and structures

With a broad range of standard one dimensional and 3 dimensional designs stretch shapes are lightweight, easy to install and collapsible for easy shipping. Hanging and free standing models are available in a broad range of designs, and you’ll be surprised at how reasonably priced they are.

For more information visit or contact us

(AUS) Tel: +61 2 8916 6231
(UK) Tel: +44 20 3769 5402
(US) Tel: +1 213 401 2531
(NZ) Tel: +64 9 951 9917

Pop up inflatable event structures

Summer months are a key focus for us on outdoor events and structures. The current trend is for pop up structures for outdoor events, expos, shops and restaurants.

However we still find a great deal of excitement in the challenges presented in designing creative, attractive and functional indoor structures. A recent example of this was an updated design for the modular inflatable Health Check booth for the Victor Chang Institute. The Health Check Booth was launched in 2010, and as a community program by the Victor Chang Institute it helps people to focus on and understand some of the basic risk factors that could affect their heart. The modular inflatable booth is a fully mobile and portable service and can be set-up in a range of shapes in any convenient location.

Victor Chang Inflatable pop up booth
Victor Chang Inflatable pop up booth


Inflatable Pop up booth
Health Check inflatable booth


Pop-up booth
CAD design for Inflatable pop-up booth


Inflatable booth for the Victor Chang Health Checks

Further information on the booths and the Victor Chang Institute can be found here

Product Special – Event Inflatable Spheres

Exhibitions, product awareness and the WOW factor? …. if this is what you are after then our inflatable spheres are a great addition to any marketing plan. We can produce a vast range of sizes starting at 600mm and complimented by our easy branding options with your logos or other artwork. Discounts available for 5 or more.

Inflatable event spheres
Inflatable event and promotional spheres

Stretch Tent Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions

Stretch Tents are incredibly versatile, hence there are so many different setup configurations to choose from. This is why they are perfect for any event! Check out our helpful Stretch Tent setup instructions in the below video.

Common Questions

Customers often ask us questions like:

  • What size tent should we buy?
  • What shapes can we create?
  • How many riggers are required to install our Stretch Tent?
  • How many people can be seated vs standing?

The answer to any of these questions depends on the size of your tent and event. We have created various Sizing Graphs in an attempt to answer the majority of your questions, and be sure to visit our Sizing Gallery with ‘real life’ examples of Stretch Tent installations.

For more information please Contact Us

Spooky Inspirations from Stretch Structures

Halloween is a day (and night) filled with fun, plenty of candy and perhaps even a few spine-chilling moments (is that a White-Walker in the bushes?).

People tend to go a little overboard when it comes to decorating – and why not? This is where we can help out and perhaps provide a little bit of structural inspiration.

As you may know, we have a variety of structures at our ‘one-stop-shop:  but we’d like to take this opportunity to show you some structures that may lend themselves to your Halloween celebrations.

These lycra structures reflect any light being cast upon them, making for a somewhat eerie glow.

This bright orange Stretch Tent has been further enhanced with internal lights and spooky, Halloween inspired lights projected on the surrounding trees.

Our AXION range of structures are available in oranges, purples or straight black. Add side walls and print a few ghoulie type images and your set for a spooky night.

Last word: We were talking about structures, yes, but as a parting shot, consider these internal lit airflow inflatable lights. Follow the link for more information: