Stretch Tents all shapes, all sizes

Your configuration options are endless

The versatility of our Stretch Tents means that there’s no set format. Your installation options are unlimited!

Stretch Tents All Shapes All Sizes

It is totally up to you how you set up your Stretch Tent. Check out some of our set up options dependant on the size of your tent.

Stretch Tents All Shapes All Sizes

There are so many different configuration options which is why these tents are perfect for any event! Check out our stretch tent setup instructions or view the below video.

Stretch Tents All Shapes All Sizes!


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Stretch Tent Quick Turnarounds

How we work to Tight Deadlines

We know life moves at a high pace. Things don’t always work to your desired deadline. But even when you’re in a tight spot, we’re able to help you out with quick turnarounds.

Stretch Tent Quick Turnarounds

It’s all about communication. We like to be honest with our clients. If we’re honest about the services and products we can provide in the desired deadline, our clients don’t get any nasty surprises.

Recently, our US sales executive found himself servicing a high profile music festival (ok, we’ll say it, it was Coachella!), ‘The Coachella order was very tight but we were pretty well able to get them most of the products for their date, sadly we couldn’t get all of it there until a few days later but they knew that going in and were still very happy to have most of the order.” There you go… honesty is the best policy!


Stretch Tent Quick Turnarounds


Oh, and Expedited Shipping certainly helps speed up the timeline on tight deadlines.


Be assured, we always have products readily available to ship, however it may not always be in the colour or size you wish to purchase. Flexibility is key with a tight deadline, we can either compromise on size or configuration or ship an equal-quality product to meet your deadline.


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AXION fabric – best fabric, best structure

Pneumatic Fantastic!

Modern, fast & easily deployable sealed inflatable pneumatic tents for events and promotion.

ANZ Stadium Samsung Rugby Hub Axion Inflatable Octagon

What makes them different?

Our pneumatic tents are versatile and adaptable.

They can be used as an eye-catcher at fairs and events, or for outdoor promotional activities.


  • They do NOT have a built-in fan/blower that continuously blows air into the corner pillars.
  • This makes them silent as they do not depend on electricity
  • Ideal for indoor promotional tasks, where a noisy blower is inconvenient.

Easy Installation:
It takes up to 10 minutes to set up and break down the tent. Read more about how to install an Axion and Axion-101.

Usually, they are custom made with company logos or the customer’s artwork. The tent weighs between 25 – 50 kg and comes with a matching backpack for the 3m x 3m to the 5m x 5m versions or transport bag up for the 6mx 6m and 7m x 7m versions.

Axion 5m x 5m Sealed Inflatable

Hard wearing:
Out tents can withstand extreme weather conditions and wind speeds of up to 70 km/h, making these tents the preferred promotional tool for skiing and extreme sports

Available in a broad range of sizes and designs:
Tents are available in 5 sizes: 3×3 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7 meters and 3 models: Square, Square lite, Shell and so many more. With a broad range of interconnection options, there are endless combinations available.

Custom Designs:
A broad range of various accessories are available such as connecting tunnels, visors, side walls, floor, ballast bags, LED lights etc. Work with our designers to create the structure of your dreams. No matter how large or small we will ensure that your creation is nothing short of breathtaking.

Axion-square-LED-lights-rs DE

You can choose from a variety of fabrics, colours, shapes and sizes for an innovative, memorable inflatable that is both distinct and practical.

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Lycra stretch structures – Versatile space fillers

Discover the possibilities of Lycra Stretch Structures

Lycra is a versatile fabric which can be manufactured to stretch into any desired shape, to perform any duty. Our lycra structures are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, let along colour choices that would satisfy even the most choosy. The better news is that they can be created according to your custom needs – shape, colour or size!

Ideal for:

They are perfect space fillers and can not only create the look and feel of the area you are working on, they will lend a modern touch to any room.


These lycra structures are eye-catching as ceiling drapery. They will help create atmosphere
Lycra Stretch Sails

Walls and Screens:

You can use these structures to divide up a Stretch Tent and cover or disguise an area that needs to be hidden (think kitchen prep area, garbage zone).

These are quite dramatic. Use plain, in any available colour or project images onto a white stretch lycra surface. Promotional material, company graphics, images to boost your messages.


All structures can be fully digitally printed to further highlight your message and business.

Lycra stretch branded tunnel


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Retractable tunnels – a success story

Pathways of Protection

white retractable tunnel

The Retractable Tunnel works double duty and hard for you no matter the job at hand!

The irresistible sound and spirit-lift of the cheers as the team bursts into the venue. What builds the excitement even more is keeping the team covered till field time, till the crowds see them for the first time stepping foot on the field.

adidas retractable tunnel adidas retractable tunnel

Endless Potential

The benefits of the Retractable Tunnel are endless. It’ll protect the team when entering and exiting the field. Keep the talent covered as they enter and exit the stage – from green room to stage. This is a great way of building the anticipation even more! 

chicago cubs retractable tunnel

The Retractable Tunnel is the safest walkway demarkation path around any location and foot-traffic is protected from the elements – completely! Read more about the Chicago Cubs Retractable Tunnel

Technology at its best

Varying in size, the Retractable Tunnel expands and contracts at your will or its purpose. When extended, the structure is completely secure. If high winds persist, additional fixed anchors are there to reinforce the security of the structure. Smooth open and shut thanks to the nylon wheels which run on galvanized lift proof tracks. The Pantograph Tensioning System is what makes it strong and secure.

retractable tunnel diagram

Make it your own

Modifications are accepted. This product is versatile, which means you’ll get the exact solution to fill your needs. Both sides of the polyester fabric is lacquered with a protective gloss.

Blendable colours are your choice:

  • white
  • champagne
  • green
  • grey
  • black

That said, clear roofing is popular, ideal for letting natural light in. Branding and logo detailing is essential for any business. The fact is the material is strong so all of this personalization is possible.

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Fresh Ideas at Music Festivals

They looked at tenting in a whole new way…

Big-time music festivals are all the rage! Coachella, Tomorrowland, Exit, Splendor in the Grass… these music meccas are successful on a large scale. Like any good festival, there’s a select group of organizers that have the brains and brawn to make it work, and here’s how …


These guys may not be staging a music festival, but they were a client who thought ‘outside the box’ with their accommodation approach. We saw high-quality stretch tents suited to any need; our client saw a groovy and fresh take on their accommodation issue – glamping it will be! Check out the Larapinta trail campsite project

Read how the ultimate travelling band, The Scallywags run their own event, Field Good Music, as well as appearing all over the UK. And with them all the way is their trusty bright yellow Bedouinflex Stretch Tent attached to their tour bus – their signature draw card!

Scallywags Yellow Stretch Tent

Why Stretch Structures?

Stretch Structures are proud of their tents USP’s:

  • Durability
  • Superior quality
  • Withstands ALL weather conditions
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Variety of sizes and shapes to configure
  • Great value for money

What’s Right for You?

When determining what size your custom tent or custom structure should be, you should take several things into consideration:

  • only be used for a particular event or for many different events?
  • how many people will inhabit it?
  • what kind and what size of furniture might be used in it?
  • are there any size requirements or restrictions at the event you are holding or attending?

Thinking ‘Outside the Box’

Many people, when thinking of a custom event structure, automatically think of a boxy white structure with poles, pegs and tie downs. But the fact is that there is a whole world of extraordinary event structures out there, just waiting to be customized by you.

Among them are:

These options allow you to ‘think outside of the box’ and get an easy to set-up, easy to transport structure that can be used in a variety of locations, no matter how large or small, with or without poles. The flexibility of these types of non-traditional event structures allows you to use them almost anywhere and for any type of event.  

So, whether its an intimate gathering in the back garden; a launch event for 200 people or a large-scale music festival using a misting tunnel to cool down party goers – we’ve got you covered.


Why AXION is right for your next event

AXION is the modern go-to structure!

So … you love to get out there and engage with your audience about your brand. And you’re on the move. Maybe you’re visiting a sporting event, maybe it’s a festival. 

We know what hard work that is! And as much as you love it, we know what a hassle it can be to pack everything up just to reset in the next location for your roadshow.

That is why it is so important that you find a solution that’s:

  • fast,
  • easy to use, and most importantly…
  • still able to represent your brand well.  

We have the right product for you!  You need to get yourself one of our Axion Sealed Inflatable Marquees. These tents are perfect for your next campaign and have been used by some big named brands such as Nike, Samsung and BMW for their roadshows.

Nike Axion

Our Top 4 Axion Features

1.            Built for all Weather Conditions

Just like all of our top-quality products, these inflatable tents are built to withstand all weather conditions.

  • They are waterproof,
  • UV resistant
  • Can withstand wind speeds up to 70kmph.  Regardless of the event, location or weather conditions, you will be protected and your tent will measure up.

2.            Built for Easy Transport

Because your brand is out in front of the public and you need to travel to meet your audience and build brand awareness, we know that something that is easy to transport is a top priority. These tents are:

  • between 25 and 50 kg
  • come with a matching backpack or transport bag, depending on size. It’s everything you need to pop up shop, without compromising on being different and contemporary.

3.            Built for Quick, 10-Minute Installation

With such a well-made, funky looking tent, it’s hard to believe that they are so lightweight and so simple to install. Axion tents can be set up and taken down in ten minutes by a single person. 10 minutes! They also don’t require constant access to electricity or blower fans to keep them standing throughout the event, which means not only is it easy, it’s whisper quiet inside the tent for your event.

4.            Built to your Specifications and Fully Customizable

  • The Axion range of inflatable tents are available in five sizes and three models.
  • The wide variety of colors and fabrics ensures you get the best look for your brand and a tent that meets your specific needs and event requirements.
  • The broad range of accessories such as connecting tunnels, visors, side walls, floors, ballast bags, and LED lights gives you the option to configure a unique look that makes you stand out against competitors.
  • Reinforce your message and brand by putting your logo on the tent for that extra punch. Customers will not be able to forget your professional and fun presence.

Our Axion Sealed Marquees are a great solution to your event dilemmas and campaign question marks. They make getting out there easy so you can focus on your customers and your brand. Convenient, flexible, customisable, and reliable.

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Making an impact with my Stretch Structure

3 Tips to help get the maximum benefit from your stretch structure

If you think of an event and your presence at that event – what is the first thing that comes to mind? How Do I Make A Memorable Impact?

In general, the earlier you start planning, the better. From weddings to baby showers to product launches and corporate parties, the sooner you can formulate the plan, the less stress you’ll have throughout the entire planning process.

The first step in planning any event is to create a timeline. This ensures you stay on track and don’t forget important things along the way. Your timeline can vary greatly from event to event and there are several things that can impact your timeline.

These are just a few things you need to think about when creating your timeline and planning your event.

1. The type of event

If you are interested in planning a stand-alone event, you’ll need to allow for ample time. On the other hand, if you are attending a festival or conference that is being planned by others, your planning will be minimal. Many companies use our Clearspan Stretch Pods or branded inflatable structures to attend festivals and outdoor events where they can meet their customers one on one and create a statement with very little planning needed. Stretch structures can provide custom designs and branding to ensure your products are properly featured and get the attention they deserve. Things to think about at these types of events include your setup space, who will be attending, what the main focus will be, and how to get your potential customers to remember your brand.

2. The size of your event

If you are planning your own event, the size can greatly determine the necessary timeline. A stand at a food and wine festival won’t take as much time to prepare as your daughter’s wedding. Events that are reoccurring are often easy to tweak from year to year. Perhaps you need to consider reinvigorating your design with our lights and furniture to bring new flair to the otherwise same ole party. A one time larger event will require much more thought and planning. Our stretch tents and accessories are a great place to start and will add immediate impact to your event. We have tents from 4.5m x 6m up to 20m x 30m. Many events such as weddings take a year to plan, so locking in one of our marquees will allow you to plan the rest of your event within the theme design.

3. Where the event will be held and the demands for prime locations

What’s your location? And not just the specific location, but what city or town will be hosting your event? If you are in a highly populated city, the search for a venue will take much longer than a small town. Venues often book out at least a year in advance, which can add quite a bit of time to your planning. If you are in a city with venues that are in high demand it’s important to begin this search right away. Often the availability of venues will determine the exact date of your event and the theme. If you have your heart set on a beautiful hotel ballroom that’s already booked, you’ll need to expand your search and think outside the box. Perhaps there’s a beautiful park close by that Stretch Structures can help you transform into a ballroom. Begin with checking out our funky Pagodas and Clearspan Structures, which can be fully enclosed. We have the accessories and products to create that magical place you have always dreamt about.

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Stretch Structures is giving you Options

Explore our services – we’re here to make your life easier

If you’re not yet in a position to purchase the event structure you’ve set your heart on, we’re here to tell you YOU HAVE OPTIONS!

One of our exciting opportunities to think about is our DRY HIRE SERVICE – Stretch Marquees and Fabric Structures are excited to announce this unique service.  Available to trade customers, this service applies across our entire product line of stretch tents, inflatable marquees, clearspans or even sports event architecture – this gives our customers an affordable opportunity to experience and utilise our wonderful range of products at never before seen prices.

AXION Flower Setup

If you are a party hire company, you know all about what beating out the competition means and how important it is to have the right prices, the best service, and a great selection of the highest quality rental products available when your customers need them. But many times, your customer can’t see a clear difference between you and your competitor, because you offer so many of the same items at comparable prices. To put yourself heads above the rest, you need unique party products that scream, “Rent me!”

Top 6 – We’ve decided to give you a taste of some of our more popular choices!

Stretch Structures has put together a list of the top 6 products that can put you at the top of everyone in town’s party hire list. These one-of-a-kind products are sure to catch your customers’ eyes and help you create an unforgettable wedding, reception, Bar Mitzvah, birthday party, anniversary, or any other kind of get together where your client wants to make a bold statement.

1. Stretch Freeform Tents

Stretch tents are a very flexible, waterproof fabric structure that can be rigged in an endless variety of shapes. A BEDOUINFLEX™ stretch tent provides a versatile alternative to any traditional marquee or outdoor event tent. The tents are made from a stretch fabric specially developed by us for this application. Designed for purpose the stretch tent fabric is an incredibly strong nylon filament fabric with a 100% waterproof polymeric PU coating applied to both sides.

2. Inflatable Structures

Inflatable Christmas Present Cube

Searching for something spectacular for your next event?

Our outstanding inflatable structures, available in your choice of several popular standard products or custom made to your specifications by our talented and experienced designers, ensure that your event is something truly extraordinary and unique.

3. Clearspan Stretch Pods

Looking for a promotional marquee and the perfect way to make a BIG impression on your guests?

You could go with a boring PVC clear span marquee or pavilion… Or you could shake things up a bit our unique, colourful, eye-catching Stretch Pods.

4. AXION Sealed Inflatable Tents

If you are looking for a structure that combines foolproof, fast setup, with modern design, and the flexibility to be used anywhere, both indoors and out, without the hassle of loud blower fans or the need for electricity – our sealed inflatable marquees were designed for you.

AXION fully brandable, customizable tents come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. They utilize a fully sealed pneumatic inflation system and are completely silent when set up. Crafted to last and available with a great selection of accessories, this tent will provide everything you need, use after use.

5. Pagodas and Clearspan Structures

If you need a clear span structure, branded marquee, temporary warehouse, retractable walkway, promotional marquee or pagoda that looks great and is made to withstand the test of time, look no further. All our clearspan structures and retractable products are European designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

6. Sports event architecture

Have you got a spot that needs a touch of added flair? Want to liven up your space?

We offer a wide variety of stretch fabric architecture, exhibition and event products that can be used both indoors and out to provide dramatic visual impact and pull guests to hot spots of importance.

For more information contact us here or email us at

Celebrating community spirit with an Axion Marquee

Franklin Law Firm use an Axion Lite to invest in the community

Happily – it seems that people do care!

When you think of local, small businesses, you often think of the opportunities they create to connect with their local community. What better way to connect than to give back. A fine example is Franklin Law in New Zealand who have invested in an eye-catching AXION Lite 44 with branded side walls and visor, which is used for the community events they sponsor. 

Franklin Law Firm - Axion Lite

A recent sponsored event was the Fulton Swim School Franklin Primary Schools Triathlon. It’s a community event for up to 400 local school children. Franklin Law are promoting participation in sports. At the Triathlon event they hosted a shop/ cake stall in their new branded Axion marquee, with proceeds going to the local school.
Franklin Law - Axion Lite

They care about their environment, the next generation and their community. Giving back to the community that you call home is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It connects people in more ways than one imagines: socially, economically, environmentally and further up-side is that it helps improve the community morale overall.

Choosing a project can enhance and improve the infrastructure that already exists, consider these: 

  • post-season litter clean-up
  • food bank restock
  • community gardening initiative
  • group fitness day
  • community volunteering 

Click here for more information on the Axion Lite that the Franklin Law firm chose, or check out our collection of inflatable structures and sealed inflatable shapes.

Images supplied by Franklin Law