Let’s talk safety at events


In all of the fun planning around things like ambiance, it can feel burdensome to worry about something like safety. But it’s important to properly plan for such measures when you’re in charge of an event and the people attending.

When people attend events, they don’t think about things like safety – they expect that the organisers already have.  So it’s an important part of your responsibility in hosting an event. We’ve put together this starting guide to the basics of safety at events.



  • By identifying possible risks at your event you can then control those risks in an appropriate manner. In order to do this you must think about what might cause harm to the attendees at your event. Determine if you are taking reasonable steps to prevent that harm.
  • The goal with risk management is not to entirely remove risks. Try to identify sensible measures to control the risks.
  • Ensure measures are in place that are reasonable if a situation arises.


  • Stepping into the shoes of a worker or attendee and seeing the day from their vantage point.
  • What will they see, where will they be, how will they get from place to place?
  • A good place to start is to think about the safety of structures above their heads and what’s at their feet.
  • Identify the hazards at your event, the potential of harm, what can be done to lessen the risk, and what will be done if something happens.
  • These findings will create your risk management and safety plans.



  • Identify the products you’re using at your event and the potential for harm.
  • Have you chosen products that help alleviate safety concerns?
  • Do your structures meet safety standards and have they got engineering certificates?
  • Choose products that will protect those at your event.


  • What wind load and ballasts are required to keep structures steady and in place in high winds/ rain?
  • Stretch Structures use the best material designed to meet most global fire, structural, and safety standards.
  • The strong fabric contains built-in fire retardant, adding an additional level of prevention to your risk management plans.
  • They also come with engineering certificates and wind guidelines.


  • Similar prevention methods should also include considering the best people to install electrical equipment
  • Highlighting areas attendees should stay away from throughout your event.


  • The people at your event will fall into two categories – those working and those attending.
  • You’ll want to ensure that those working your event have safe working conditions for themselves, plus the ability to help attendees in emergency situations.


  • Structures and equipment can sometimes be very heavy so the more hands to help, the lighter the workload and the safer of workers.


  • It’s also important to note the wide range of people you could have both working and attending your event and the individual needs they could have. People who could need more attention include those who are very young or old, those with severe allergies, expectant mothers, and people with disabilities.


  • Check your local environmental and health safety laws to ensure you are considering all the safety elements at your events and to receive additional guidance to make your event a success.
  • Its always good to prepare an emergency plan just in case something does go wrong. It’s worth the extra level of protection and peace of mind.

This guide just covers the basics of event planning safety and only touches on these important topics. It is by all means not an extensive list but a starting point to consider safety at your events.

If you are using Stretch Structures and are concerned about safety at your event, contact us to discuss how we can help ensure the safety of our structures and your patrons. We take safety very seriously and have our own safety practices to ensure we are helping you plan for the best event possible.

Support Structures for Stretch Tents

Stretch Structures working hard to support you

We know that our fabric is superior but we’d like to lift the cover and show you the ‘bones’ of what makes us a truly unique and easy to use option. 

multiple stretch tents installed with truss poles and joining strips

The Poles

You probably already figured that our Freeform Stretch Tents had poles. What you might not know is that we offer several different types of poles that have their own unique strengths.  This allows you to customise your tent to fit your usage needs and your budget.

Powder Coated Aluminium Collapsible Pole And Accessory Pack 

  • Strong, affordable aluminium, great looking powder coated for extra-long wear.
  • A great choice for those who intend to mostly keep their freeform stretch tents local and don’t intend to ship them.

Carbon Fibre Collapsible Pole And Accessory Pack 

  • Made especially for those who need to ship their freeform stretch tents.
  • These extremely lightweight poles make them easy to store and install, as well as easier and more affordable to ship.

Winch Up Truss King Poles 

  • This innovative system was designed by us exclusively for use with our larger freeform stretch tents. 
  • It is a light-weight box truss that can be adjusted in height from 4.5m to 9m tall, making setup easier than ever before.

Pole Jack System

  • This system also allows for the easy setup and secure installation of the stretch tent.
  • Therefore, you use less manpower and less installation time.

Swivel Pole Systems (360° Swivel Base Plates)

  • For added safety. Especially during extreme wind or for installations that will remain in place for a long period of time.
  • The swivel poles for the side, entrance or corner are designed so they cannot fall over. This is done by securing the base of the pole to the ground via the swivel pole base plate and special attachment rings on the swivel pole tops.
  • This feature ensures that your guests will remain safe and your freeform stretch tent will stay right where it belongs.

One more interesting fact about all of our pole systems for the sides and corners is that they can now be placed outside of the stretch tent, giving you more room and a cleaner look on the inside of the tent.

Our poles and poles systems are just a few of the quality options you will enjoy when you choose us for your tent hire or tent purchase. Read more about Stretch Structures poles and accessories.

Stretch Tent Accessories

Additional Stretch Tent Accessory Options 

  • Internal Truss Support Systems
  • Installation Services – Training or Activation
  • Ballast Systems
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Complete Interior Design & Production Services
  • Road Cases
  • Internal Fit Out
  • Road Cases/Stillages
  • Coloured Fabrics
  • Branding – Temporary And/Or Permanent

If you want to find out more about any of our products or are ready to get started with your project, we are here to help. Contact us today!

Stretch Tent Purchase 101

3 Steps to consider when purchasing a stretch tent

Don’t you just love it when those companies take the time to do the research for you? To review and consider all that goes into making a purchase and present the results to you – sweat and slog done – now all you need to do is hand over the cash – safe in the knowledge that you’ve made a well-informed decision.

Below, we’ve put together a list of all the things to consider when choosing to buy a stretch tent.

#1 Consider size

Size is a primary consideration when shopping for a stretch tent or event structure. Don’t guess or estimate. Set up your tables and displays and measure to determine the width, depth and height of your set-up. Also remember that you’ll need sufficient space for visitors and customers, so consider your typical visitor volume as well.   When considering size one possible option is to join several smaller freeform stretch tents together.  Our unique 100% waterproof joining system ensures that your event will stay dry no matter what the size or configuration.

White 9m x 12m stretch tent 1 side down

#2 Consider colour

Stretch tents are available in a wide range of colours, so you’ll want to find one that reflects your company or organization’s personality. You’ll want to be sure you select a stretch tent that matches your logo and branding colours.  Also, if you attend lots of outdoor events in a hot, sunny location, you may wish to opt for a lighter coloured stretch tent that will reflect the sun, keeping you and your visitors cool throughout the entire event.  We can custom make colours to suit, and our full colour digital printing can ensure we produce what ever design or marketing message you require.

Vodafone Branded Stretch Tent

#3 Storage and Set-up 

How long does it take to set up the stretch tent or event structure? What sort of storage space is required? You’ll want a tent or structure that’s easy to store and set up. Longer set-up, often required for larger tents and event structure, may not be problematic if you typically do multiple-day events, whereas it’s more of a problem if you’re using it for brief day-long events or pop up promotions.  We can supply a broad range of accessories and pole options for installation.  From our standard lightweight collapsible pole packs, through to our more semi-permanent swivel pole and winch-up truss king poles.  All are designed for easy installation, storage and transport.  An alternative consideration is for a custom truss designed structure for a more permanent installation.

These tips will help you to select the right event structure or stretch tent for your company or organization! For more information contact us here or email us at info@stretchstructures.com

Stand Out at your next Trade Show

5 ways to make a lasting impression at your next trade show

Foot traffic and sales – that’s the best way to measure your trade show success – right? Competition is fierce, so you can’t afford to do the same old boring thing. You need to stand out among the sea of other participants who are all vying for the same pool of money.

First you have to cover the basics with an amazing, eye-catching setup and plenty of promotional materials to pass out. From the tent to the signs, to the lighting, furniture, props and goodie bags—everything needs to well-planned and intriguing—so people will want to find out more about what you have to offer.

But in today’s world, technology has created even more opportunities to get people involved and excited about your booth. During our work, we at Stretch Structures have seen some pretty effective things being done at trade shows to draw a crowd. Here are our top 5 favourite NEW ways that you can use to make a lasting impression:


#1 Make New Fans Or Build Your Email List With QR Codes

If you aren’t familiar with QR codes, they are the funny looking squares with black and white designs in them that people can scan with their smartphones. Your QR code can direct people to a specified landing page that can either allow them to connect with you via social media or download a targeted offer by giving you their email address.

#2 Use Social Media To Spread The Word

Make sure all of your fans know well in advance what events you will be attending. And then do something exciting on Facebook to help spread the word even further. Online contests and giveaways tied to the event will help the news spread like wildfire. Be sure to interact with your followers personally, and maybe even give some play-by-play updates as the event is going on to keep them involved and persuade them to come out and join in the fun.

#3 Use Foursquare To Promote Your Booth

Foursquare check-ins are a great way to spread your booth’s promotion to others both inside and outside the trade show. When people check in to your booth with their mobile device, everyone will see it on their social media accounts. You can go even further and offer a promo, like a small prize or discount, to people who check in. As more and more people check in, more people will see what you are giving away on their mobile devices, and they will want to come and get in on the action too!

#4 Get Your Co-Workers Or Friends Involved

Just think how many people your co-workers or friends know personally and have in their social networks, that you do not. Let them know about the events you will be attending, and get them excited about them—maybe even by offering a giveaway or contest that will encourage them to like and comment on your event. Your circle of friends and co-workers can be very influential in driving their friends, families and acquaintances to your booth through their involvement with you on social media channels.

#5  Think Outside The Box For Promotions

Brainstorm and come up with a way to tie something exciting, to something that is relevant to your brand or product. You could have a contest, a game, or even a massage table set up in your booth to draw in event-goers. Offering something fun and unique will not only have people making a bee-line to you, but it will also help break the ice and give people a chance to get to know you and your product or brand. Don’t hold back here, and be really creative with it. The sky is the limit!

We hope that you find these tips useful for your upcoming trade shows and event this year. And now that you’ve got the technological side covered, don’t forget that Stretch Structures can also help you get the visual side covered, with high-visibility, unique and flexible tents, lighting and structures

Fixing a Stretch Tent to Concrete and Walls

How hard is it to attach a Stretch Tent to Concrete and Walls?

We all know how quick and simple stretch tents are to set up on grass. Lay your stretch tent out, determine where the pegs go and in no time they’re in the ground and your stretch tent is starting to take shape!


But what happens if it’s on concrete or against a wall?

Well, believe it or not it’s just as simple, all you need is a bracket and some bolts.

Using a 12mm /15/32” size Dynabolt or Sleeve Anchor and a Galvanised steel Angle Bracket is all you need to safely anchor your tent to concrete or brickwork.

Angle Bracket Steel
Angle Bracket Steel

Use the same steps as if you were on grass:

  1. Lay out your tent in the position you desire.
  2. Mark where you want the anchor points.
  3. Drill and anchor the brackets.
  4. Attach a carabiner clip.
  5. Start to erect your stretch tent.
Stretch Tent attached to concrete floor
Stretch Tent attached to concrete floor

You can then apply the same method if you were attaching to a brick or timber wall or a roof!

Stretch Tent attached to wall
Stretch Tent attached to wall

If attaching to timber just replace the Dynabolt or Sleeve Anchor with a Coach screw.

Coach Screw for Timber
Coach Screw for Timber

Once you have finished using your stretch tent, just remove the bracket and bolt and it’s like you were never there.

These methods are fast and strong and will allow you to enjoy your stretch tent in any situation.

Angle Bracket attached to concrete
Angle Bracket


Secure Tent Installation Guide

How to ensure a successful stretch tent installation

A successful event relies on you, the host, feeling safe and secure with how your stretch tent has been set up. Consider these hints and tips for a successful event installation.

multiple stretch tents installed with truss poles and joining strips

Peg Anchoring

  • Anchoring your tent with pegs is the cheapest and easiest anchorage method.
  • Consider the pull-out force, this depends on the quality of the surface (soil type, water penetration) which then determines the incline and depth of the anchor.
  • Loose soil proves the least resistance and will require special anchors. Special testing and advice is needed in situations like this. 

Wedding marquee

Ballast Anchoring

  • Ballast anchorage is necessary where ground penetration is not possible. 
  • The correct type of anchors and pole packs are recommended by the manufactures and should be adhered to closely. These are specifically chosen to combat the maximum uplift force any structure has. Check out our ballast guide.
  • Anchoring your tent to cement and walls may be an option where the owner of the site has provided permission. Read more about fixing a stretch tent to concrete and walls.

stretch tent ballast install

Stretch Tents and Truss

  • If all of the above anchorage options still don’t suite your installation, consider using your stretch tent with truss staging. This is obviously not a cheap installation option, but can produce some eye catching results. Read more about truss and stretch tents.

WeAreColab Stretch Tent Truss Frame

Pole positioning and angling

  • Local weather patterns and direction of prevailing winds should be considered when planning open sides and entrances. Gusting winds can cause fabric to lift off the poles.
  • Heavy duty base plates should be used if extreme weather is predicted. If the security of a central pole is in question, replace with a longer pole and be sure it’s securely in place and can’t be lifted.
  • Correct pole placement will create optimal water run-off with no flat areas. Gently stagger the length of the centre poles if there are 2 rows or more with the longest poles in the centre.

Requirement for Engineers sign off

  • With larger, more complex structures, designs may need to be signed off by a structural engineer to ensure the structures maximum wind resistance and load bearing is met.

These are just a few of the hints and tips for optimal tent installation. For more information, contact your local representative at Stretch Structures

Axion Hints and Tips

Wondering how easy it is to use and maintain an Axion?

Axions are ultra slick, robust inflatable tents. These eye-catching tents are ideal for fairs, festivals or for outdoor promotional activities, they’re easy to inflate, are lightweight and air sealed. 


Isuzu Axion

Quick installation and easy transportation

Having the structure in one bag and set up in under 20 minutes ensures that you are making money by not having any time wasted on site and being ready to promote and sell your product before any other competitor. Read more about how to install an Axion and Axion-101.

Axion 7m x 7m sealed inflatable

So easy to use – you can’t blow a valve

We have installed inflation and overpressure valves. This means that as soon as the structure reaches optimal pressure, it releases any excess, so your Axion can never burst. The inflation valve is one way, so you never have to worry about loosing pressure once the pump is taken out.


Keep your Axion dry

Be sure to always pack away dry. It’s worth leaving your Axion out to dry in the sun for a few hours if the structure has been exposed to wet conditions, or inflate in your warehouse to air dry after extreme weather conditions e.g. snow.

Axion 5m x 5m Sealed Inflatable

Check your Axion bladders

Our Axions are extremely robust, but in the event you suspect that one of your Axion bladders is leaking air, check out the video below to see just how easy it is to check and repair an Axion Bladder.

Stretch Tent Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions

Stretch Tents are incredibly versatile, hence there are so many different setup configurations to choose from. This is why they are perfect for any event! Check out our helpful Stretch Tent setup instructions in the below video.

Common Questions

Customers often ask us questions like:

  • What size tent should we buy?
  • What shapes can we create?
  • How many riggers are required to install our Stretch Tent?
  • How many people can be seated vs standing?

The answer to any of these questions depends on the size of your tent and event. We have created various Sizing Graphs in an attempt to answer the majority of your questions, and be sure to visit our Sizing Gallery with ‘real life’ examples of Stretch Tent installations.

For more information please Contact Us