Golden State Warriors Retractable Tunnels

Retractable tunnels used for player and referee protection

The Golden State Warriors are an American professional basketball team competing in the National Basketball Association (NBA). They purchased three retractable tunnels in 2022 for use at their home base, the Chase Centre,in San Fransisco.

Golden State Warriors retractable players tunnel LED lights stephen curry celebrates landing shot from tunnel
Retractable players tunnel decked with LED lights – Stephen Curry celebrates landing crazy full court pre-game shot from the tunnel

Why use retractable tunnels at a basketball stadium?

The Golden State Warriors home arena, the Chase Centre, is a multi-purpose arena. In addition to hosting Warriors games, they also hosts other sporting events, concerts, and entertainment shows. Hence introducing player retractable tunnels helps personalise the stadium for the Warriors games by promoting the Golden State Warriors colours and logos, in addition to their corporate partnerships on game nights. Their current partnership with Rakuten, meant that they easily added signage to the gable post delivery of the tunnel for maximum coverage during televised games.

Golden State Warriors Players Rakuten Tunnel Branded
Golden State Warriors retractable players tunnel branded with Rakuten sponsorship signage on the gable

Player tunnels are typically used to provide a secure and private area for players and referees to enter and exit the playing field or court. These tunnels can help maintain the safety and security of the players by providing a controlled environment where they can prepare for the game and avoid contact with fans or media.

Golden State Warriors Inside the Players Tunnel
Players queuing inside the players tunnel, waiting to enter the court on NBA game day

From a fan perspective, a retractable tunnel can also enhance the overall game-day experience. It can provide an added level of excitement and anticipation as fans wait to see their favourite players emerge from the tunnel. Furthermore, if the tunnel is equipped with LED lights, it can be used as a backdrop for pre-game introductions and other fan-centric activities.

Golden State Warriors Players Tunnel Stephen Curry launches successful full court shot
Stephen Curry launches an incredible full court shot from the tunnel as pre-game entertainment for the fans

Words from the Golden State Warriors Team

Blaine Phillips, Arena Operations Coordinator for the Golden State Warriors, had this to say about their purchase. “We use these tunnels strictly for basketball games. When there are non-basketball events in the building, the tunnels are struck and stored in a safe location until they are to be used again. When we do put them in storage, we have to collapse the tunnels and move them to the storage location which is a fairly easy process.

Once we deploy them for gameday use, we leave them in place until we need to move them for any reason. They stay extended for the entirety of the basketball game. The main purpose of having these tunnels is to protect players, coaches, team staff, and referees from any fan misconduct. It allows a safe walkway for the teams and officials when entering and exiting the arena floor.

Golden State Warriors retractable tunnel sponsored by Rakuten
Crowd enjoying the game at the Chase Centre, with the Rakuten sponsored players tunnel in the background

The only re-branding we have done is adding the Rakuten logo on the front of the vinyl strip of the larger home team tunnel. It was a very easy process to add the sponsor logo decal. We do have plans to add additional sponsorship to these tunnels, but most likely will be a next season thing. Lastly, to add flair to the home teams entrance, we added LED lights to the home team tunnel which has been a huge hit with fans and the players.

Golden State Warriors inside the retractable players visitor tunnel
Visiting team and officials enter the court via the visitors retractable players tunnel at the Chase Centre

Bullet point benefits of players retractable tunnels

  • Help protect the home team, opposing team players, officials and referees by providing a clear pathway to safely enter & exit the basketball court.
  • Create a sense of anticipation at the start of games whereby players run through the tunnel and burst out onto the court.
  • Branded tunnels enable sponsors to get high profile exposure on TV as players emerge onto the court via the tunnel.
  • Easily retracted at the end of the game and safely stored away. Requiring limited storage space in multi purpose venues.

Overall, a retractable tunnel can be a valuable investment for sports stadiums looking to improve the safety and comfort of athletes and officials, while also enhancing the fan experience.

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All images courtesy of Golden State Warriors (Facebook@Warriors)