Light Weight, Fast Setup, Safe and Versatile – Shelter is a basic human need

NIXUS structures are designed to ensure fast deployment with the minimum amount of personnel for transport, setup and removal. Our tents are manufactured to the highest standard, making them resistant to various weather conditions with superior reliability.

Choosing the right shelter is the starting point. Our experienced staff will help you determine which tent system is best suited to meet your needs. Our product range includes pneumatic and solid shelters for either temporary or semi-permanent use.

We’ve got you covered for safe and secure Emergency Disaster Relief, Sustainable Refugee Shelters, Field Hospitals, Military or Industrial purposes.

  • Rescue and Relief – We manufacture a wide range of rescue and relief products. Our lightweight, easily transportable products are deployed fast and by minimal personnel for temporary use, such as, emergency medical relief. Our medium/heavy-weight structures are safe and reliable to provide longer term solutions, such as, refugee accommodation and processing centres.
  • Military – Heavy duty structures manufactured for all weather conditions, using the best materials to meet transport, safety and sustainability standards. All NIXUS tents are designed to be modular, so you can connect them to each other creating a bigger interconnected complex, such as, a field hospital, warehouse, canteen, or base camp.
  • Industry – Quick deployment structures are available for use as storage and protection shelters on construction sites. A range of collapsible containers for water or fuel, foldable liquid waste collectors and many more products and accessories all made from high grade fabrics and meeting EU standards.

Our designers will work with you to help you choose or create the perfect structure to suite your immediate circumstances.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the full range of NIXUS products can be found at www.nixus2protect.com

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