Demand Attention With Exciting Stretch Event Architecture

Have you got a spot that needs a touch of added flair? Want to liven up your space?

We offer a wide variety of stretch fabric architecture , exhibition and event products that can be used both indoors and out to provide dramatic visual impact and pull guests to hot spots of importance.

Use our stretch Lycra products for promotions, room dividers, projection surfaces, ceiling decorations, backdrops, for sign-age or as effective attention grabbers at festivals, conferences, events, trade shows, or anywhere else you want to get noticed.

When you choose our stretch products, you will enjoy:

  • High Performance Stretch Lycra – All of our products are created using our cutting edge, flame retardant stretch fabrics.
  • Printable – You can have any image, digital artwork or logo applied to your stretch tent or stretch lycra sail to promote your unique brand. Providing an eye-catching promotional exhibition structure that will grab attention.
  • Quality Construction – We have extensively researched the best methods and materials to bring you the highest quality, longest lasting stretch products available
  • Innovation – Our innovative dimensional shapes are available for nearly any application you can imagine.
  • Flexible Range Of Use – Great for indoor or outdoor use, permanent architectural pieces or temporary events, our stretch products can be used wherever and whenever you need them.
  • Convenience – Our stretch architecture is lightweight, cost effective, easy to install and a snap to pack down for shipping.

Check out our gallery to the right to get even more ideas of what you can do with the power of stretch

or CONTACT US today to find out we can create the perfect stretch piece for you, or for standard shapes and sizes you can PURCHASE ONLINE HERE