Birmingham Hospice Branded Lycra Tunnel

Liquid PR use branded lycra tunnel for activation campaign

Liquid PR is a global integrated agency of PR professionals, designers and marketers delivering creative solutions for their customers. They purchased a 2.4m high x 2.4m wide x 4m length double branded lycra tunnel to support an activation campaign. Their client was Birmingham Hospice, a UK charity currently caring for on average 1,000 patients every day on their end of life journey.

Liquid PR Branded Lycra Tunnel
Birmingham Hospice Branded Lycra Tunnel set up at New Street Station

What was the campaign goal?

The campaign aimed to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for hospice care among the public. Positioning it as a source of support and comfort for individuals navigating their end-of-life journey. In addition, it was to perform a donation drive, and also to collect signatures for a petition. The petition demands better funding for hospice care across the country by the government.

Liquid PR had this to say about their purchase. “Once we’d done the installation once, we found the tunnel really easy to set up and take down as a team – it was great for what we needed.”

Liquid PR Branded Lycra Tunnel
The Liquid team at New Street Station setting up and Birmingham Hospice team answering questions from the public about hospice care

How was the campaign executed?

Liquid PR installed the tunnel at Birmingham New Street Station, a bustling transportation hub, thereby reaching a diverse audience of commuters. By installing it under the departure boards they tied it in with the narrative of how the hospice can support those on their journey towards the end of life. By branding the lycra tunnel with engaging graphics, textual information, and QR codes linking to educational content. The campaign aimed to captivate passersby and prompt them to explore the hospice’s services further.

The presence of the Birmingham Hospice team on-site facilitated interactions, answered questions, and provided firsthand insights into the organization’s mission and offerings. Read more from the Birmingham Hospice team in their own words and check out more pictures from the campaign.

Liquid PR Branded Lycra Tunnel
Did you know that palliative care is not fully funded by the NHS?

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All images courtesy of Liquid PR (Facebook@LiquidPublicRelations)