Stretch Tunnel Success – A Gettin Hectic Case Study

Stretch tunnel makes impact at HBF Run for a Reason

The stretch tunnel is gaining in popularity as customers realise the impact they can make with one eye-catching message.A recent client of ours, experiential marketing agency Gettin Hectic, were faced with the challenge of creating brand ownership of a huge, impersonal space. Their solution; a series of gallery style, self-guided installations.hbf branded stretch tunnel When guests arrived to sign up for the HBF Run for a Reason event, they walked through a giant stretch tunnel branded with the HBF Health Insurers message.Coupled with additional over-sized installations, they brought to life the extent of the role that HBF plays in the health of its members.hbf branded stretch tunnel

Stretch Tunnel Details

  • We stock standard width tunnels in 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m profiles & can customise the dimensions to suit.
  • They are ideal for entryways for guests and provide a stunning reception, especially when used with light projection.
  • Available in both indoor lycra and outdoor waterproof versions.
  • Available in custom shapes, colours and sizes.
  • Brand your stretch tunnel for an immersion experience & drive your message home.
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Gettin Hectic’s Case Study

Our customer was very satisfied, having received double thumbs up from their client.Watch the activation video below or click through for more details on Gettin Hectic’s case studies.
Images supplied by Gettin Hectic (Facebook @GettinHectic)