Lycra stretch structures – Versatile space fillers

Discover the possibilities of Lycra Stretch Structures

Lycra is a versatile fabric which can be manufactured to stretch into any desired shape, to perform any duty. Our lycra structures are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, let along colour choices that would satisfy even the most choosy. The better news is that they can be created according to your custom needs – shape, colour or size!

Ideal for:

They are perfect space fillers and can not only create the look and feel of the area you are working on, they will lend a modern touch to any room.


These lycra structures are eye-catching as ceiling drapery. They will help create atmosphere Lycra Stretch Sails

Walls and Screens:

You can use these structures to divide up a Stretch Tent and cover or disguise an area that needs to be hidden (think kitchen prep area, garbage zone).These are quite dramatic. Use plain, in any available colour or project images onto a white stretch lycra surface. Promotional material, company graphics, images to boost your messages.


All structures can be fully digitally printed to further highlight your message and business.Lycra stretch branded tunnel Contact us at if you have any queries, or click through to purchase online. Visit our Website to find out more about Lycra event architecture.