How to Repair an Axion Inflatable Leak

Troubleshooting steps to identify the leak source and repair it

If you suspect that your Axion Inflatable has a leak, it is usually one of two things. Either a puncture in the internal bladder or a faulty valve.

So look and listen

Look at the inflatable, does it loose air pressure slowly or fast? A bladder puncture will usually result in quicker deflation than a valve issue. Then listen as larger punctures can be easily heard, there will be the hissing sound of air escaping.

How to identify a valve issue

Our Axions have two types of valves on all structures, the inflate/deflate valve and the over pressure valve. Remove the valves and first check that the rubber seal is attached to each one. The seals can sometimes be lost.

If the seal is in place, attach the valves and inflate the structure to full pressure. Spray the valve with soapy water and check for bubbles as per the below video. If you have a valve leak, replace it with one of your spare valves in your kit.

How to identify and repair a bladder

If the valves are working correctly, the next step is to remove the bladder from the cover, install the valves and inflate the bladder. Be careful not to over inflate the bladder, as there is no cover to stop excess pressure swelling.

Once inflated listen for any obvious holes then spray the entire bladder with soapy water and watch for bubbles which will show where the leak is.

If a hole is found then clean and dry the area thoroughly and apply the repair patch as per repair kit instructions. Listen carefully to ensure you cannot hear any air escaping and then do a final spray and check for any bubbles to make sure the repair patch is working and that you have found all the holes present.

Once you are satisfied that there are no further leaks, wipe away the spray, remove the valves and deflate the bladder. Put the bladder back into the cover, re-install the valves and inflate the structure to full pressure.

Leave your structure inflated for a decent length of time to ensure the problem is fixed. Watch the below video which demonstrates a bladder repair.

If you have any further questions, we are here to help, so contact one of our friendly staff.