Stretch Structures – Hints and Tips from the Pro’s

DO’s and Don’ts: Nuggets of Wisdom Here are some simple tips that will help you when assembling your stretch tent. Increase the size of your pegs: from 600mm to 1200mm, or use higher rated anchor systemss such as our screw pegs to improve anchorage. Tape the caps: mushroom caps go on the middle poles and …

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Stretch tents are available in a range of size’s and shapes from 4.5m x 6m up to 20m x 30m, however we can custom make tents to fit your individual needs and requirements. Stretch tents can either be pegged or weighted making them suitable for every type of ground surface. We have a range of …

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Creating Captivating Entertainment Zones

Turn Any Boring Spot Into A Captivating Entertainment Zone We make it easy to bring any place or event to life. Available in several eye-catching colors, with the ability to take on any shape, BEDOUINFLEX™ free-form tents are perfect for any place you want people to flock to.

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Breaking News! Extended Fabric Warranty

Fabric swatch
Breaking News: New status awarded to Stretch Marquee and Fabric Structures prestigious fabrics: Stretchflex and Stretchflex Lite. Responsible for being the catalyst in the industries new standard in fabric excellence, Bedouinflex Premium finds itself wearing the crown. Born from that is Stretchflex and Stretchflex Lite which carry the cache of providing the market with affordable, …

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How To Get The Best Response From Your Customers

colourful festival stretch tents
It’s time to Optimize your Response Event based marketing, either indoors or outdoors can be a highly targeted and cost-effective use of your marketing spend.  Since most marketing events like trade shows, activations and exhibitions invite people who are already interested in a certain product, service or are at least interested in the general genre …

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Looking for Custom Branded Promotional Products, create the marketing look you want!

Sealed Inflatable tents
When your company, small business or organization needs to sear its brand into the minds of the public, Stretch Structures has the custom branded promotional products that deliver in a big way! Our one-stop event, exhibition and promotion solutions allow you to get both a custom color for your stretch tent, inflatable structure, stretch event …

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Stretch Tent Hire vs Stretch Tent Purchase: What’s Best For You?

So you have finally decided that a Freeform Stretch Tent is the perfect tent for you. You have chosen your favorite color, figured out what size and shape would best suit your needs, and you have even decided to have your company’s logo screen printed on it. But what you may have not already considered …

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How to buy a stretch tent or event structure

Are you shopping for a stretch tent or event structure?  Finding the right tent or structure for your needs can be a bit challenging, particularly if you’re not sure what to look for! Consider the following points when shopping for an event structure or stretch tent. Consider size. Size is a primary consideration when shopping …

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Top 5 NEW Tips For Standing Out At Trade Shows

Whether you are an artist, craftsperson, or a professional businessperson, you know that any trade show’s success can only be measured by the number of people who come to your tent or stand and the number of sales you make. The competition is fierce, and you can’t risk doing the same boring old thing, year …

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