Purchasing A Touring Structure

Look what this company did to improve their presence in the market: They chose a lightweight, travel-easy touring structure and branded it from head to toe! Truth People buy from those they trust. So whether you’re meeting prospective clients or building on an already established customer base, the relationship between your brand and your audience …

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Line-X Inflatable Axion – A Winning Display

Line-X Axion A Promotional Display
  Line-X Puts Best Foot Forward using an Axion Exhibit Line-X Australia wanted an outdoor exhibit that would put them a step above their competitors. After discussing their options with Stretch Structures they chose the AXION Square with branding, visors and side walls. The structure turned heads at their latest show, the Perth 4WD and Adventure Show, and made a …

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How To Get The Most From Your Sponsorship Dollar

Sponsoring a sporting event, festival, music event or even a local charity or organisation can be a rewarding experience, as well as a great opportunity for reaching the public in a way that increases your brand awareness. But you can’t expect to just pay the sponsorship money and sit back while the new customers flow …

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Stretch Tent Hire vs Stretch Tent Purchase: What’s Best For You?

So you have finally decided that a Freeform Stretch Tent is the perfect tent for you. You have chosen your favorite color, figured out what size and shape would best suit your needs, and you have even decided to have your company’s logo screen printed on it. But what you may have not already considered …

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