How To Get The Most From Your Sponsorship Dollar

Sponsoring a sporting event, festival, music event or even a local charity or organisation can be a rewarding experience, as well as a great opportunity for reaching the public in a way that increases your brand awareness.But you can’t expect to just pay the sponsorship money and sit back while the new customers flow in. A successful sponsorship requires planning, organisation, and a clear vision of what you want to get out of it.We’ve put together a list of several simple ways that you can get the most from your sponsorship dollar:Choose The Best OpportunityThe sponsorship opportunities you choose to be a part of should be those that give you something in return. Look around at several opportunities and find the ones that best align with your brand’s core beliefs and values. These will give you a higher chance at a better return on investment and will be a better fit as a marketing partner for your business.Find Out What’s In It For YouBefore you commit, you should find out exactly what you will get out of the sponsorship. Find out what the different levels of sponsorship are and what you will receive. Ask whether you will get logo recognition or name only recognition; what kind of online and offline advertising you will be included in; how your brand will be displayed at the event; whether you will receive free tickets to the event and how many; and what kinds of extra promotions, such as giveaways or goodie bags, you will be included in.Promote Your BrandTo get the most from your sponsorship, you should expect to promote yourself. First, have a nice, clean and well-kept banner in different sizes that you can use at many events, and make sure that it can be hung straight and flat, even if the conditions are windy.Second, make sure that you give the organization you are sponsoring a logo file type that can be blown up or made smaller without reducing its resolution or making it look grainy when they use it on various promotional materials.Third, consider a structure that demands attention for your brand. We have worked with many clients that chose our branded structures to promote themselves at the events they are sponsoring. Our hard-to-ignore stretch structures, stretch marquees and inflatable structures ensure that your brand will always be well represented and highly visible, no matter what type of event you are sponsoring.
Promotional freeform stretch tent
Promotional Jeep branded freeform stretch tent
Leverage Your SponsorshipDraw attention to your sponsorship by letting others know about it. Put up fliers or signage in your place of business, sell tickets for the event, have a banner or special page put on your website and Facebook page, put out advertising in the newspaper or on TV and even have a contest to promote your sponsorship. By doing so, you will be increasing your brand awareness and your likability by others who either attend the event or support the cause you are sponsoring.Analyze The DataOnce the event is over, get a summary of the results. Find out if you got everything you were promised, what kind of advertising was done and how frequently it was done, and any kind of measurable data that will help you determine whether this sponsorship, or one like it, would be beneficial to you in the future.Remember, you deserve to get the most out of your sponsorship dollars, because a successful sponsorship is both good for you and the organization you are sponsoring.At Stretch Structures, we have helped many clients enjoy successful sponsorship’s with our branded freeform stretch tents, marquee hire structures, stretch marquees, and inflatable structures. Our high-quality, 100% waterproof, custom-branded structures will help you promote yourself at sponsorship events tastefully and prominently for many years to come. Contact us or browse our website today to find out more.