Breaking News! Extended Fabric Warranty

Fabric_Swatch.JPGBreaking News:New status awarded to Stretch Marquee and Fabric Structures prestigious fabrics: Stretchflex and Stretchflex Lite.Responsible for being the catalyst in the industries new standard in fabric excellence, Bedouinflex Premium finds itself wearing the crown. Born from that is Stretchflex and Stretchflex Lite which carry the cache of providing the market with affordable, durable, premium coated stretch fabrics. As the inspiration and driving force behind this development, Stretch Marquees and Fabric Structures can now guarantee these fabrics come with an unprecedented 2-year global waterproof warranty.The fabrics assets:100% waterproof – 2-year global waterproofing warranty. It’s fire certified for the global marketplace (Europe, Germany, Britain, Australia, France and the USA) and we provide engineering solutions that meet global standards. It has perfect 4-way stretch & good memory; is UV stabilised by Fluorocarbon impregnation; has Non-toxic anti-Microbial application (viral, bacterial, fungal) with a breaking load of 2 tonne on any point. These fabrics are lightweight, dirt repellent and machine washable up to 40°C. The fabric is brandable – fully printable with dye sublimation digital printing and is available in a wide range of colours with options for two-tone colours