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Inflatable Structures – custom designed or standard range

In an extremely competitive world, it’s nice to know you have an ace up your sleeve with the help of Stretch Structures. If you are searching for something spectacular for your next event, look no further. We have a range of outstanding inflatable structures, axions and lights that could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Stuart Johnstone of Stretch Structures highlights your options: “You have the choice of our standard range of products that are readily available or come talk to us about something you need custom designed and manufactured to your specifications.”

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Inflatable Airflow Structures

Inflatable airflow structures are made from a PU coated ripstop nylon and PVC and require a constant running blower to stay inflated.

Inflatable structures

Large outdoor structures can accommodate 100’s of guests. This category includes inflatable arches, domes, cubes and shell structures.

Inflatable structures - Pop up booth

Office Booths & Pods are perfect for conventions or other events where you need a booth or workspace in minutes. Read how the Victor Chang Institute used inflatable pop ups to promote free health checks.

inflatable structures - Wall_Straight_or_Curved

Inflatable Walls are ideal for breaking up or framing spaces and work well with projection in the day and night.

Inflatable Axion Structures

Axion sealed inflatable structures provide you with a lightweight, air-sealed solution. Hence, they are easy to transport, fast to install and require no electricity to run.

inflatable structures

The Axion range is very versatile. Start with the basic shape and roof structure and then add components as you need them. This allows you to build on the original investment you have made. Add new walls, visor, floors, LED lights, ballast bags or even a new roof “skin” without having to replace the starting framework.

Axion 7m x 7m sealed inflatable structures

They are modular, so you can add a second structure to link to your original too. We can also supply a range of branded matching inflatable furniture (tables, donut seats, arm chairs, couches and recliners) promotional arches, and shapes (bottles, cubes)

inflatable structures furniture

Our Sealed Inflatable Floats offer different kinds of buoys for all types of water sports or can be custom made with the sponsor’s logo.

inflatable structures

Inflatable Lights

Inflatable lights can be used to transform a large space or create a unique area with colour by day or night.

inflatable structures

On offer as free standing or suspended versions, these inflatable lights can be made in any colour, shape or size.

inflatable structures

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