Pop up inflatable event structures

Summer months are a key focus for us on outdoor events and structures. The current trend is for pop up structures for outdoor events, expos, shops and restaurants.However we still find a great deal of excitement in the challenges presented in designing creative, attractive and functional indoor structures. A recent example of this was an updated design for the modular inflatable Health Check booth for the Victor Chang Institute. The Health Check Booth was launched in 2010, and as a community program by the Victor Chang Institute it helps people to focus on and understand some of the basic risk factors that could affect their heart. The modular inflatable booth is a fully mobile and portable service and can be set-up in a range of shapes in any convenient location.
Victor Chang Inflatable pop up booth
Victor Chang Inflatable pop up booth
Inflatable Pop up booth
Health Check inflatable booth
Pop-up booth
CAD design for Inflatable pop-up booth
Inflatable booth for the Victor Chang Health Checks
Further information on the booths and the Victor Chang Institute can be found here