Inflatable Lights

Both visually stunning and easily installed Inflatable lights can fill and transform a large space or accent more intimate areas with color and drama day and night Available in a variety of shapes such as cones or cylinders, these lighted accents can be used as dramatic entranceways, room partitions, “reveal walls” or simply as décor. They also feature a large surface area, that, when customized with your logo or message, can create an ideal branding tool. Available in both standing and suspended forms in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours.
  • Suspended inflatables come with an internal light-weight fan, a bulb and a cord by which to hang it. They are durable, lightweight and require minimal electrical power.
  • Suspended inflatables are powered by a quiet internal fan requiring continuous power supply (0.5 – 1 amp).
  • They have internal compact fluorescent lighting (0.5 -1 amp).
  • Inflatable lights can be suspended from the ceiling or hung vertically from a pole, truss or any suitable surface.
  • Standing inflatables come with a sturdy base and internal bulbs that attach to the base. They are durable, lightweight and require minimal electrical power.
  • Standing inflatables are powered by a quiet 0.5 amp internal fan, which requires continuous power supply.
  • They have four internal halogen bulbs (50w each) requiring 2 amps in total.
  • Our entire range of inflatable lights in white are perfect for projection of colourful lights.
  • To change the colour from within, use a gel on the internal bulb with the colour of your choice: red, blue, green, yellow and amber etc. But for fantastic colourful lighting results at night, we suggest you use external lighting.
  • Use a remote controlled colour changing LED light for strobe, static colour changes.
  • For daytime events, in addition to white fabric, Inflatables are available in a variety of flame retardant fabric colors: yellow, orange, red, green, purple, royal blue, and black.
  • Inflatables are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. We also manufacture custom designs upon demand.
  • All Inflatables can be easily branded. Ask about printing options.
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