Creating Captivating Entertainment Zones

Turn Any Boring Spot Into A Captivating Entertainment Zone We make it easy to bring any place or event to life. Available in several eye-catching colors, with the ability to take on any shape, BEDOUINFLEX™ free-form tents are perfect for any place you want people to flock to.

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Stretch Tent Quiz: Size vs Event

Blue Stretch Tent two sides down
Oh what fun we can have! Here’s a crash course on the best size stretch tent you should choose to suit your event needs. Sides up or down: If we are talking about needing the flexibility to have your stretch structures sides up or down, we are looking at structures that start at the 8x10m …


This Versatile Stretch Tent is On The Move

Scallywags Field Good Music Yellow Tent
The Scallywags Fabulous Yellow Festival Tent We recently met a very inspirational client and thought we’d share their story with you. The ultimate travelling band, Good Times Music and The Scallywags run their own event as well as taking their talents to other events around the country. They chose to use a bright yellow Bedouinflex marquee from …


Breaking News! Extended Fabric Warranty

Fabric swatch
Breaking News: New status awarded to Stretch Marquee and Fabric Structures prestigious fabrics: Stretchflex and Stretchflex Lite. Responsible for being the catalyst in the industries new standard in fabric excellence, Bedouinflex Premium finds itself wearing the crown. Born from that is Stretchflex and Stretchflex Lite which carry the cache of providing the market with affordable, …

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Management + Vision = Goal!

stretch tent truss
Upping your Game Feeling like you keep putting on the same event, over and over again? Have the urge to create something bigger and better? Want to keep up with the latest marketing movements? Leveraging the community aspect of events is your answer! There’s a growing desire of consumers to feel a part of something …

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Do You Want Your Investment to Grow?

stretch tent side walls
Accessories for your investment: Now that you’ve invested in the best product for your needs – your Stretch Tent, think about expanding its uses. We have cleverly thought of inexpensive ways to make your money work harder for you. Our Connectors and Side Walls are essential accessories that can double – literally double – your …

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How To Get The Best Response From Your Customers

colourful festival stretch tents
It’s time to Optimize your Response Event based marketing, either indoors or outdoors can be a highly targeted and cost-effective use of your marketing spend.  Since most marketing events like trade shows, activations and exhibitions invite people who are already interested in a certain product, service or are at least interested in the general genre …

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Repurposed Shipping Containers, Plus Stretch Marquees, Equal Fast And Easy Fun

Recycled, up-cycled or re-purposed shipping containers have been popping up all over the world as homes, offices, mini stores, and more—and for good reason. Their durability, flexibility, ready-to-use construction, modern looks and industrial feel make them easy to set up, pleasing to the eye, and relatively inexpensive, when compared to other traditional building methods. And when you take all …

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How to make money when purchasing a stretch tent: Become A Stretch Tent Distributor

inflatable axion
What if you had a product that, no matter where or how it was used, everyone who saw it said, “Where did you get that?” You would have sale after sale, rental after rental, just from word-of-mouth advertising, wouldn’t you? Well, that is just the kind of product our freeform stretch tents, stretch marquees and …

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