Stretch Tent Quiz: Size vs Event

Oh what fun we can have!Here’s a crash course on the best size stretch tent you should choose to suit your event needs.

Sides up or down:

If we are talking about needing the flexibility to have your stretch structures sides up or down, we are looking at structures that start at the 8x10m mark.
Blue 8m x 9m tent canopy style
8m x 9m stretch tent – canopy style
The 8x10m stretch tent is small but you can drop the back side down or two sides, with the front open, bedouin style.
White 9m x 12m stretch tent 1 side down
10m x 12m stretch tent – back side down
When talking sizes larger than 8x10m, say 10x15m or 20x15m then you have a lot more flexibility with 1, 2 or 3 sides down. The shapes you can create are inspiring and totally eye catching.
Silver Tent with all sides down
Two 10 x 15m stretch tents joined with connection strip to make 20 x 30m – all sides down

Number of guests:

Here are a few size recommendations based on the number of guests you may be expecting:
  • 300 people mingling with cocktails and hors’d oeuvres, you’ll need a 20x15m tent
  • 75 people seated, banquet style, you’ll need a 10x15m tent
  • 60 people seated cinema style, you’ll need an 8x10m tent
Seated cooking demo in tent
Seated cooking demonstration – 8 x 10m tent
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