Truss and Stretch Fabric Dynamic Duo

WeAreColab Stretch Tent Truss Frame
Colab Projects discover Truss and Stretch Fabric Work Well Together Certain combinations just work: bat and ball; peanut butter and jam! One other duo that we feel works brilliantly is the Truss and Stretch Fabric combination. It’s clean, it’s eye-catching and it can be designed to suit any environment. Colab Projects is a New Zealand …

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Extended warranty for Stretch Fabrics

Seated cooking demo in tent
Extended warranty to show faith in our fabric: As a quick recap of the reasons why we have such faith in our fabric, we’ve listed the assets below: Across the board, our fabric is top quality, 100% waterproof and is manufactured exclusively in Europe. We have a deep interest and dedication to launch products on the market …

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Do You Want Your Investment to Grow?

stretch tent side walls
Accessories for your investment: Now that you’ve invested in the best product for your needs – your Stretch Tent, think about expanding its uses. We have cleverly thought of inexpensive ways to make your money work harder for you. Our Connectors and Side Walls are essential accessories that can double – literally double – your …

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Stretch fabric and inflatable Event Architecture – Featured Product Range

Stretch Shapes and Inflatable Lighting and Architecture. Stretch Marquees and Fabric Structures event architecture range of stretch and inflatable event architecture combine eye-popping products to produce imagery and effects designed to turn the mundane into the memorable. STRETCH SHAPES – Including, but not limited to our Free Form designs, Stretch Marquees and Fabric Structures Lycra …

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