Truss and Stretch Fabric Dynamic Duo

WeAreColab Stretch Tent Truss Frame
Colab Projects discover Truss and Stretch Fabric Work Well Together Certain combinations just work: bat and ball; peanut butter and jam! One other duo that we feel works brilliantly is the Truss and Stretch Fabric combination. It’s clean, it’s eye-catching and it can be designed to suit any environment. Colab Projects is a New Zealand …

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Truss Structure with Stretch Fabric

Stretch tent and truss used during F1 Jaguar launch
Created for the Australian F1 Grand Prix (the largest motorsport event in Australia) and the prestigious launch of the Jaguar XE, this sleek structure oozed style and sophistication. The client brief: “the largest, most impactful brand exposure possible – as eye-catching as the car!” The stage truss structure for Jaguar provided dynamic design and the …