Truss and Stretch Fabric Dynamic Duo

Colab Projects discover Truss and Stretch Fabric Work Well Together

Certain combinations just work: bat and ball; peanut butter and jam! One other duo that we feel works brilliantly is the Truss and Stretch Fabric combination. It’s clean, it’s eye-catching and it can be designed to suit any environment.WeAreColab Truss and Stretch Fabric

Colab Projects is a New Zealand company that design, build and theme bespoke temporary structures or spaces for events and brand activations. They recently created the perfect zone for their client, Speights to promote their product of the month, Summit Ultra Low Carb Lager, at the 2017 Auckland Marathon.

WeAreColab Truss and Stretch Fabric

Truss and Stretch Fabric combine to create the ideal space for post-marathon runners. A slick promotion that was airy, spacious and provided everything from shade, thirst quenching low carb lager, a massage for tired muscles and a great boost for the Speight’s brand.

WeAreColab Truss and Stretch FabricCheck out the full Stretch Structures range of truss solutions or read about other recent truss structure and stretch fabric installations.Images supplied by Zach Lewis, Operations Manager, Colab Projects (Facebook @Colab.Projects)