Maximise Your Rental Business Inventory

How to grow your rental business with clever inventory management

Our relationship with our clients is extremely important to us and we see their first purchase as the beginning of a fruitful and symbiotic connection. We’re there to support a blossoming business with our multitasking products.


One of our clients who continues to impress over the years is Colab Projects, a New Zealand company who design, build and theme bespoke temporary structures or environments for events and brand activations. Their hire stock includes premium furniture, stretch tents, marquees, aluminium truss framing and branded substrates.

Rental business - WeAreColab - Deep Hard & Funky - July 2015

Colab Projects bought their first stretch tent from us in 2015. One of their first installations with their new stretch tent was for Smirnoff. A stand alone install on flooring, with truss branded signage.

Stretch and Truss

Then they started experimenting with stretch tents and truss structures. Read how Truss and Stretch Fabric work well together. This is a business whose gradual and consistent growth was in part, successful, because of the business accessories acquired over time.

WeAreColab - Ford - Leadfoot Festival Feb 2015-2017. Rental business inventory

By investing in a versatile stretch tent they have achieved value for money, as it can be used on its own in a variety of configurations to suit varying size groups or, with the right accessories, can be attached to another stretch tent or truss. The above collage, shows the three different installs for Ford over the years at the Leadfoot Festival. Free standing, then linked with truss and the latest install adds large branded truss to the mix.

WeAreColab - Asics - Auckland Marathon Collage Nov 2016. Rental business inventory

Truss and stretch tent installs have become Colab Project’s signature theme. By using neutral coloured stretch tents that can be reused repeatedly, they only need to acquire the super-sized bold branding for each client. Saving money on each install, and client’s loving that their brand is standing out!

2018 year end wearecolab stretch tent and truss

Check out the spectacular environment created for the V Pure Polo Open using bold signage, amazing foliage, stretch tent and truss, demarcated chill out lounge and bar area.

Wearecolab stretch tent truss frame vip jungle collage March 2019. Rental business inventory

Review our full Stretch Structures range of truss solutions or read about other recent truss structure and stretch fabric installations.

All images courtesy of Colab Projects (Facebook @Colab.Projects)