Our 4 top tips to generating creative ideas for your events.

Here at Stretch Structures, we always say that your imagination is your only limitation. We love providing our customers with exciting products that are a result of their creativity and vision. It’s always fun to deliver a product that simply started as a seed of an idea!Of course we know that creativity can be a funny thing. We’ve all been victims to creative block from time to time where we are searching for something new, but it seems to elude us. We like to work with our customers to create products that are cutting edge and leading the way in fabric architecture.So let’s have some fun with different ways to brainstorm creative ideas for your next event!
  1. Mind mapping                                                                            
This brainstorming technique has been around for ages and is known as a great way to allow your brain to let lose. Science has proven that the combination of text and pictures is more effective than words alone, plus it provides an easy way to see associations and connections between ideas. Mind mapping begins with a central idea in the middle of the page and then allows your brain to expand ideas from there. For a great explanation of this useful tool, check out the Life Hack blog on mind mapping here.
  1. New environment                                      
Switch up your environment to switch up your thinking. Scientific research has proven that things like sound, smell, and colors can impact our creativity and ignite new centers in the brain. Many companies hold retreats in various locations just for this reason. It’s also why it’s always a great idea to get out of the office at lunch or step away from your desk every hour. So if you’re trying to create something new by sitting in the same old office, get yourself into a new space pronto!
  1. Group or individual think sessions
Much like changing up your environment, change up how you approach brainstorming with others. If you’re used to having group meetings, try the separate approach this time and see what everyone creates on their own. If you typically go at it alone, get a group together to generate ideas. Again, this is about doing something different so you can produce different results.
  1. Research               
See what’s out there! Check out Pinterest, Google other events, or check out some of the latest projects we’ve created for our customers. Sometimes seeing what’s already been done spurs your brain to expand and see what’s possible. With your new vision and ideas you can create something out of the box and customised that works for you.Don’t let your temporary creative blocks stop you from creating something really exciting for your next event. These techniques will help jump start the creative process again and Stretch Structures can help you take that new idea from dream to reality.