Axion Hints and Tips

Wondering how easy it is to use and maintain an Axion?

Axions are ultra slick, robust inflatable tents. These eye-catching tents are ideal for fairs, festivals or for outdoor promotional activities, they’re easy to inflate, are lightweight and air sealed. 

 Isuzu Axion

Quick installation and easy transportation

Having the structure in one bag and set up in under 20 minutes ensures that you are making money by not having any time wasted on site and being ready to promote and sell your product before any other competitor. Read more about how to install an Axion and Axion-101.

Axion 7m x 7m sealed inflatable

So easy to use – you can’t blow a valve

We have installed inflation and overpressure valves. This means that as soon as the structure reaches optimal pressure, it releases any excess, so your Axion can never burst. The inflation valve is one way, so you never have to worry about loosing pressure once the pump is taken out.ATA TWIN AXION AXL55

Keep your Axion dry

Be sure to always pack away dry. It’s worth leaving your Axion out to dry in the sun for a few hours if the structure has been exposed to wet conditions, or inflate in your warehouse to air dry after extreme weather conditions e.g. snow.Axion 5m x 5m Sealed Inflatable

Check your Axion bladders

Our Axions are extremely robust, but in the event you suspect that one of your Axion bladders is leaking air, check out the video below to see just how easy it is to check and repair an Axion Bladder.