Using Stretch Structures to Reinforce Your Message

Consistent marketing is key to reaching your audience and Stretch Structures supports your efforts with custom designs and key pieces.Why is it we have a logo pop in our heads at the mention of one company while we often forget a commercial for another company the minute it’s off the screen? Brands that have great recall have reached effective recognition with their audience through consistent marketing and messages.
Jim Beam printed inflatable marquee
Branded Inflatable Marquee
In marketing there’s a theory known as effective frequency. This is the number of times a customer must see your message in order to remember your brand. It’s the amount of messages needed to reach truly effective communication with your audience. And it’s what every company around the world hopes for with their marketing efforts.Research has shown that your audience needs consistent messaging, or effective frequency, in order to recall your brand and your product or service. With this in mind, every piece of your marketing efforts should be tailored to achieve this goal.This is where high-quality products from Stretch Structures can help.
Printed logos on freeform stretch tent
Branded Stretch Tents
Our structures are designed to support your marketing efforts and consistently reinforce your message. You can create an entire atmosphere that reminds guests who you are and how you can help them.Here’s how you can easily use our products to achieve that necessary effective frequency:
  1. Customize your structure to your brand. Our tents and inflatable marquees can be made in a wide variety of colors and include your logo printed directly onto the structure. Your message is reinforced with your audience even if they only happen to walk by your stretch structure. For big events, this sets the tone for things to come.
  2. Utilize inflatable shapes that mirror the look of your logo or branding. If your logo is circular in nature, choose various sizes of circles to decorate your space. If your brand’s font uses very clean lines without any flourishes, use shapes that have the same clean lines such as squares, rectangles, and triangles. By using these accessories to reinforce your brand.
  3. Choose lighting that creates the feel of your brand. Is your brand young, fun, and cutting edge? Use lighting shapes and colors that project this same feeling such as flashy neons. Is your brand classic and more serious in nature? Stick with black and white lights and supplement with displays that are in your brand’s color scheme.
  4. You can choose architecture for your event that best matches the feel of your brand. If you want your customers to feel excited and lively when they recall your brand, keep your spaces open and expansive accented with our inflatable furniture. If you’d like your customers to remember the intimacy you gave them and that feel of trust, create smaller spaces with dividers that feel warm and welcoming.
Using Stretch Structures to reinforce your marketing is an easy way to increase your effective frequency and your audience’s recollection of your brand. These are all subtle, but well planned queues that increase your brand recognition and ensure your audience will remember your messaging.Call us today to reinforce your marketing efforts.
Sealed inflatable promotional tents
Sealed inflatable promotional tents