Inflatable Woolly Mammoth Woos at Exhibit

Stretch Structures are up to Mammoth Inflatable Task

We love of our latest inflatable creation, just another example to show our clients that we can create just about anything!

Inflatable Mammoth - Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum

Meet a life sized woolly mammoth. A temporary display commissioned by the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum. The exhibition has been curated especially for children to answer all their questions about mammoths. When did the mammoths go extinct? How did it happen?

Inflatable Mammoth - Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum

Penny Packham, Public Programs Officer, was delighted with the inflatable structure – ‘Looks wonderful. Everyone smiles when they see it!’

So how do we go about taking an idea and turning it into a reality? Read more about how inflatable shapes get you noticed, or check out our collection of inflatable structures and sealed inflatable shapes.

The mini mammoth exhibition is currently on display at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum until 22 July 2018. So if you’re near Bathurst, pop in for a visit, it’s not everyday you get to meet a woolly mammoth, or check out their video’s on Facebook

Images supplied by Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum (Facebook @somerville.afmm