3D Stretch Tent CAD Designs – How We Can Help You

3D inside and out

We know there’s a lot of thought that goes into investing in one of our structures. Did you know we have a gallery of 3D designs you can preview prior to your purchase?3D CAD of Stretch TentYou know you’re getting top quality fabric – because we sent you the samples to feel.You know you’re getting exactly the design and colour you want – because we sent you the plans and we can print any Pantone colour you need.But what about a realistic, lifelike view of the structure from inside and out – like you’re actually walking in underneath the tent? Well, we’ve covered all the options and have our structures in 3D for you to have a look at – whether it’s a 9x12m stretch tent or a stretch tent attached to a recycled container or a tent in any configuration that you can create (sides down, connector tunnel etc).Follow the link here to see what you are about to invest in – it may just be what closes the deal!

Stretch Tent Configurations by Stretch Marquees and Fabric Structures on Sketchfab

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