Stand Out at your next Trade Show

5 ways to make a lasting impression at your next trade show

Foot traffic and sales – that’s the best way to measure your trade show success – right? Competition is fierce, so you can’t afford to do the same old boring thing. You need to stand out among the sea of other participants who are all vying for the same pool of money.

First you have to cover the basics with an amazing, eye-catching setup and plenty of promotional materials to pass out. From the tent to the signs, to the lighting, furniture, props and goodie bags—everything needs to well-planned and intriguing—so people will want to find out more about what you have to offer.

But in today’s world, technology has created even more opportunities to get people involved and excited about your booth. During our work, we at Stretch Structures have seen some pretty effective things being done at trade shows to draw a crowd. Here are our top 5 favourite NEW ways that you can use to make a lasting impression:


#1 Make New Fans Or Build Your Email List With QR Codes

If you aren’t familiar with QR codes, they are the funny looking squares with black and white designs in them that people can scan with their smartphones. Your QR code can direct people to a specified landing page that can either allow them to connect with you via social media or download a targeted offer by giving you their email address.

#2 Use Social Media To Spread The Word

Make sure all of your fans know well in advance what events you will be attending. And then do something exciting on Facebook to help spread the word even further. Online contests and giveaways tied to the event will help the news spread like wildfire. Be sure to interact with your followers personally, and maybe even give some play-by-play updates as the event is going on to keep them involved and persuade them to come out and join in the fun.

#3 Use Foursquare To Promote Your Booth

Foursquare check-ins are a great way to spread your booth’s promotion to others both inside and outside the trade show. When people check in to your booth with their mobile device, everyone will see it on their social media accounts. You can go even further and offer a promo, like a small prize or discount, to people who check in. As more and more people check in, more people will see what you are giving away on their mobile devices, and they will want to come and get in on the action too!

#4 Get Your Co-Workers Or Friends Involved

Just think how many people your co-workers or friends know personally and have in their social networks, that you do not. Let them know about the events you will be attending, and get them excited about them—maybe even by offering a giveaway or contest that will encourage them to like and comment on your event. Your circle of friends and co-workers can be very influential in driving their friends, families and acquaintances to your booth through their involvement with you on social media channels.

#5  Think Outside The Box For Promotions

Brainstorm and come up with a way to tie something exciting, to something that is relevant to your brand or product. You could have a contest, a game, or even a massage table set up in your booth to draw in event-goers. Offering something fun and unique will not only have people making a bee-line to you, but it will also help break the ice and give people a chance to get to know you and your product or brand. Don’t hold back here, and be really creative with it. The sky is the limit!

We hope that you find these tips useful for your upcoming trade shows and event this year. And now that you’ve got the technological side covered, don’t forget that Stretch Structures can also help you get the visual side covered, with high-visibility, unique and flexible tents, lighting and structures

Starting a Hire Company? Words from Tention UK


“Bedouinflex is the best stretch fabric to invest in if you’re starting a new hire company!” A testimonial from Chester Barrett of Tention UK.

Back in 2014 my new company Tention, (pronounced tension) invested in it’s very first Bedouinflex stretch tent from Stretch Structures. Our goal back then and today has been to support our customer’s events with affordable and great looking stretch tents.

Tention UK - Bedouinflex Sand tents with joining strip
Tention UK – Bedouinflex Sand tents with connection system installed

Our company has been growing every year since then and we’ve realised a lot of that success has been down to our choice of stretch fabric and the size of the tents.

We started as a very small company, with a small storage space. Which was great for low overheads, but not ideal for drying and managing large fabric sizes.

That’s where the Bedouinflex fabric and the connection system has been our top business secret. Keeping overheads down, whilst maximising potential income.

Stretch Structures Bedouinflex Fabric
Stretch Structures Bedouinflex Fabric – tensile strength and two way stretch

Benefits of the Bedouinflex fabric

  • Bedouinflex is lightweight compared to other manufacturers fabric, but still very importantly has an incredible tensile strength. We’ve created great looking structures with amazing shape for our customers events without the struggle of huge weights every day.
  • The lighter weight also makes our hire prices much more competitive by saving on crew costs. This has been more important to our success than we first realised, as in today’s markets we are seeing that customers are very cost driven.
Stretch Structures Connection System
Stretch Structures unique Bedouinflex Connection System – versatile and waterproof

Benefits of the Connection System

I know we aren’t the first company to have purchased our tents in this way, however it truly has been a revolution in our business. What do I mean?

  • Purchasing two smaller tents instead of one larger tent will give you and your customers much more flexibility. For example, make a 20x15m tent with two 10×7.5m tents using Stretch Structures unique connection system.
  • Potentially hire out two tents at two different events at the same time, in two different site locations.
  • Customise the dimensions of the larger tent by it’s width and length. 10x15m / 15x10m.
  • Satisfy your customers requirements with a tent that is the perfect fit for their event’s budget.
  • Handle less weight transporting the fabric.
  • Reduce your area that’s needed for drying the fabric to a much more manageable and cost effective space.
  • Use only half the size of the tent for practice and training days.
Tention UK - Syon Park Event
Tention UK – Syon Park Event

It’s hard to stress how important the need for lightweight, weatherproof and flexible fabric is to a smaller company. When you don’t have the infrastructure to handle long drying times and heavy equipment, it’s the make or break. I know that the Bedouinflex fabric and connection system has been a huge success in our business and I know we won’t be the only ones!

Thank you Stretch Structures.

Article written by : Chester Barrett of Tention UK