JB_Misting_tunnelSummer: It’s HOT; new ways to stay cool at your next eventMisting tunnel/tent/canopy – The idea may have been seen before but if you change-up the delivery structure – this is where you can really stand out.Choose a tree – get back to basics and choose a venue that is tree lined so you can take advantage of nature – shade, shade, shade!Cold curtain in breeze way – this idea dates back to ages past – it’s simple, inexpensive and would add an ethereal element to your decor.To create a cool breeze, wet sheets with freezing cold water and hang in doorways and walkways for the wind to catch and flap in the wind.Branded Pulse Point Coolers – one quick way to cool down is to chill the pulse points: head (temples), neck (nape), wrists. Create an accessory that can be worn on these areas that is cool to touch (and stays cool). A great branding opportunity – right?Spice Things Up – if you’re serving snacks to your guys on a hot day, consider upping the spicy elements. When we eat spicy food, we perspire and any wind or breeze will act to cool us down – simple!