Summer events filled with colour and inspiration

Photo credit image: Cliff Brunk
Those lucky enough to find themselves in the southern hemisphere right about now are being treated to a whole lot of warmth and sunshine. Find inspiration in the season and think ‘outside the box’ to please your guests and make a lasting impression, whether it be a summer wedding or a sun-drenched corporate event.
The bright, brilliant yellow of the sun means lovely, long days which make choosing the style and theme of the event very easy: light, flowing, fresh decor and bright accessories (think blousing chiffon and sorbet tones) create a thoroughly enjoyable summer function.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, always consult an expert. Whether it be an on-site event coordinator, an experienced project manager or an equipment expert. Pro’s can transform your vision into reality.
You’ve managed to successfully engage your guests before the event (via personal invitation or social media send-up) but consider engaging them at the event. Over and above impressing them with fancy decor finishes and fine food, get them to participate and leave their mark… no matter the function (wedding, corporate event, festival) harness technology! Ask them to leave a live message on a dedicated iPad, interaction makes for great memories. 
Know that old saying: ‘the devil is in the detail’? Ever consider dying those coffee sugar cubes to match your colour theme? How about colour coded candy floss? If your summer function has a beach theme, why not serve salt and pepper in open sea shells? Pushing the creative envelope goes a long way to boost that first impression.Everybody loves a good sense of humour so why not introduce the element of surprise? Is the groom wearing super-hero socks? Coordinate bridesmaids shoes with their bouquet or use name-tag napkins with each guests first name written on. Cheeky details that’ll put a smile on their faces.
Those unexpected considerations are much appreciated too, especially on a hot day. Hand out fans to cool guests down. Serve colour themed Mojito’s on arrival or an ice cold Pimm’s. How about a late night snack for those partiers? Fruit sticks or a triple stack ice-cream to curb a sweet tooth?
And don’t forget: bugs and flying insects love a summer day just as much as we do, think about hiring an organic pest-control atomizer to keep them at bay. Washrooms should have plenty of supplies and a good quality liquid hand soap makes for a grateful guest. How about parking? Make sure there’s plenty of parking, that it is well sign-posted and what about those high heels? Look at laying down a heel-friendly walkway.
To sum it all up, sunshine and summer lend themselves perfectly to a knock-out event if you are bright, on the ball and provide those unexpected elements for your guests. Known for their power to transform, why not speak to the expert team at Stretch Structures and see what contemporary and unique designs they can assist with.  PS. Fear not winter wonderland dwellers, it’s your turn next! Our next blog covers all that is cozy about a winter function.