Top 10 reasons you should use a stretch tent for your next event

Whether you are a party planner, an event planner, a marketing and advertising agent, a party hire company or even a business owner or part of an organization that holds events and fundraisers, you know that tent structures are often the centerpiece for your event. They offer places for people to gather, shade and protection from the elements, and let your guests know exactly where all of the action of the main event will occur. In the past, your choice of tent structures was relegated mainly to the traditional square or rectangular frame tents or pole tents. And if you were lucky, you could even get a choice of some primary color, or if you were really lucky, maybe even stripes! The good news is that Stretch Structures has made these boring, boxy, blend-in-with-the-crowd type tents a thing of the past with our patented Bedouinflex stretch fabric tents. Want to know what makes our tent structures so special? Here’s a list of the top ten things our customers like more about our stretch tents than the traditional vinyl party tents:#1: The Look – The unique look of our tents is what makes most people fall in love with them at first sight. Anything but boxy, our tents, made of Lycra stretch fabric, are available in nearly any shape, size or color imaginable. Even our inflatable cubes, which actually are square, bring a whole new dimension to tent architecture that you just won’t find elsewhere.#2: The Wide Selection – Another thing our customers immediately notice is our wide selection of stretch structures. We don’t just offer stretch tent or stretch marquees. We also have inflatable structures and sealed inflatable structures that are easy to set up in just minutes, like the ones shown below.#3: The Branding Opportunity – As is well illustrated in both of the examples above, both our stretch structures and our inflatable structures can be custom-branded to perfectly convey the personality of your unique brand. Our customers love the ability to combine the flexible stretch fabric with high-quality screen printing to create a custom image as simple or as intricate as they like.#4: The Ability To Get A Fully Custom Tent – We don’t just offer a variety of sizes and shapes, our skilled designers have worked with countless customers to create a fully customized tent to fit their specific brand or idea. If you can think it, we can make it.#5: The Flexibility – Our stretch tents can be used in a variety of configurations, with and without poles, that will allow you to use them over and over again with a presentation that never gets boring. Our customers have the option to leave the sides up to let in more light and air, or keep the sides down for a cozier atmosphere, as shown below, and a thousand other configurations in between.#6: The Protection Against The Elements – Rain or shine, our 100% waterproof, UV resistant tents are ready for anything. Our customers frequently report that they were able to stay cooler in the sunshine and dryer in the rain than they could have without our stretch structures.#7: The Accessories – We have everything you need to make your party or event complete. Our inflatable structures, inflatable lights, and inflatable furniture can be custom designed and custom branded just like our stretch structures and inflatable structures, and our customers love the wow factor they get from them.#8: The Colors – Another unique point our customers like about our stretch fabric is that it can be dyed to match nearly any color, it can be combined with lights of all colors to produce beautiful effects, and it can be screen printed with any design or logo imaginable.#9: The Affordability – Our customers appreciate our upfront pricing that allows them to budget for their event and get the most for their money, without any surprise costs. When you get a quote from us, the amount we tell you is what you will pay.      #10: The Quality – Each tent that leaves our factory has undergone a thorough check for manufacturing defects and has been treated with UV absorbing fade protectant and antibacterial agents to prolong the life of the stretch fabric and inhibit stains and odors. Our customers love the fact that they are purchasing a tent that will last for years to come.We would love to have you join the list of the happy customers who have decided to put aside the boring tents of the past and step into the future of events and promotions with Stretch Structures. Take a look around our website or contact us today to find out more!