“Imagination will take you everywhere”, says Stuart Johnstone.

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About my businessBusiness name: Stretch Marquees & Fabric StructuresI run a company producing innovative and unique outdoor event tents. Designed to provide a bit of fun and colour to outdoor events. Along with helping brands get the most from their outdoor promotionsWhat inspired you to start your business?My prior career was in providing IT consultancy, the move into this industry was all part of my move from living in London out to Australia.I was looking for an opportunity to get out of the corporate work environment and find something that allowed me to be a bit more creativeWhat’s great about owning a business in this industry?The flexibility is one of the key benefits for me. I can choose how best to apply my time and when I see opportunities I have the ability to allocate both my and my staff’s time to where I see we can gain the most. This isn’t essentially about growing our revenue but rather how we can get better at understanding and delivering the products we’re all passionate about.The events industry is fun and very fast moving. Lots of challenges with schedules as the time frame for producing structures can often be very tight. But the industry itself is very creative and always looking to push boundaries.What was your greatest achievement in your business?Growing overseas is one of the achievements I’m most proud of. We now have offices in the UK and the US and … <read more here>