Create an environmentally friendly event

From a bride whose passion is the environment to throwing an Earth Day festival, there are many reasons and opportunities to create an environmentally friendly event. Now more than ever, consumers are calling for better awareness around environmental impact and companies are being held to higher standards.
Stretch tents - Powder coated collapsible poles and joining system
Stretch tents – Powder coated collapsible poles and joining system
You can hop on this smart train by approaching your events with the environment in mind. And these days, environmentally friendly doesn’t just apply to the picnics  or events with a rustic feel. You can take any event and create a fun, stylish affair with the environment in mind.
Sealed Inflatable Tent
Set up at the Snow
Begin by looking at ways to reduce the waste your event will create. Everything from communication about the event to when the very last piece of trash is picked up should be thought about.Here’s some ways to reduce the waste for your event:Marketing and communicating your event – spread the word about your event without adding to the landfill.
  • Use electronic forms of communication when possible
  • If you must print items, use recycled post-consumer paper and limit the amount
  • Use signage that can be reused next year or at other events
During your event – food service is the biggest creator of waste at an event, so focus on ways to reduce your footprint here.
  • Use reusable items from serving dishes to dinnerware to linens
  • Ask the caterer or food services to buy items in bulk and with as little packaging as possible
  • Choose drink options that limit the amount of cans or glass bottles
Marquee for wedding
Wedding setting
After your event – how the waste from your event is handled is key to keeping your event environmentally friendly.
  • Ensure recyclables are sorted and collected properly
  • Keep any reusable items and ensure they are properly returned so they can be used again
  • When possible, send leftovers to charities or use in composting rather than putting them in the trash
Of course there are other ways to be environmentally friendly that center around the logistics of your event.Don’t forget these important pieces that will decrease your footprint and keep your event green –
  • Transportation to and from your event by attendees as well as contractors and service providers – encourage public transportation and carpooling to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions your event adds to the environment
  • Take measures to reduce the amount of electricity you’ll be using at your event – think about things like natural lighting and soy-based candles in reusable containers
  • Use décor that won’t end up in a trash bag at the end of the night – items like potted plants, herbs, and bowls of colorful fruits can be given to guests at the end of the night
  • Use structures that add to your environmental goals – StretchStructures are reusable high-quality fabric tents that take little electricity to put up, add ambiance to your event, and are reusable from event to event.
We can all do our part to look out for the environment and if you are frequently creating events, you have a real opportunity to set the standard in your industry for keeping your event green.In addition to the items above, StretchStructures has many high-quality, stylish products that set your event apart and are easy on the environment. Call us today to discuss your needs and how we can help you meet your environmentally friendly goals.