Buying a stretch tent in four easy steps

Let’s paint for you a picture……So people are still raving on about your last event you planned. They’ve commented on the fabulous food and entertainment. They’ve gushed about the stunning atmosphere. And they’ve thanked you for creating true ambience and an experience they’ll remember.You knew the whole design centered around one key element – the perfect stretch tent. The entire event was planned around the beautiful, sturdy, and customizable structure that kept your guests out of the elements and your atmosphere inviting. You’ve already rented tents three times and each time it’s worked beautifully. You know it’s time to invest in this key piece to save time and money, but you aren’t sure where to start.We make the decision process easy by working with you one-on-one through the entire process, so you can rest assured you’re getting exactly what you need. With distributors around the world, your new investment is only a phone call away.You can purchase a stretch tent, customized to meet your specific needs, in four easy steps. It all starts with selecting the model that fits your needs, the standard Stretchflex or the Premium Bedouinflex. Both models are made with materials that are built to last and withstand the elements. Available in a whole range of colors and sizes. Our pole and anchor packs are designed to give you the look you want and the stability you need. Your choice of aluminium collapsible powder coated, carbon fibre collapsible, and aluminium swivel packs. Don’t know what any of that means? No worries! We will walk you through your choices, show you exactly what they will look like, and ensure you choose the one with the best functionality for your events. This is where you’ll make your structure truly stand out. People will remember who’s responsible for pulling it all together when you brand your logo on the roof or sides of the tent. Options for logo placement ensure your message reaches customers and maintains the integrity of your event atmosphere.
  • 4. Select optional accessories
The finishing touches and little extras that make your event one to remember. Design and configuration options that create the WOW factor.
Inflatable lights to set the mood.
Lookin to add the finishing touches to your ambience.
Depending on the size of your tent, manufacturing takes two to six weeks. With an average delivery time of five weeks, you’ll have your very own customized tent in time for your next big event.Having exactly what you need on hand for all of your events is a great way to save time and money. Talk to your distributor about your big vision for your company events. StretchStructures Stretch Tent is passionate about helping our customers create successful events and has all of the tools to turn your big vision into reality.Contact a distributor today to get the party started!