Stand out in a CrowdModern, fast & easily deployable sealed inflatable pneumatic tents for events and promotion.
AXION range of pneumatic inflatable marquees
AXION range of pneumatic Sealed Inflatable Marquees
Our pneumatic advertising tent is a revolutionary advertising tool. Use it as an eye-catcher at fairs and events, or for outdoor promotional activities Our sealed inflatable marquee does NOT have a built-in fan/blower that continuously blows air into the corner pillars. Therefore, these pneumatic tents are silent and do not depend on electricity, and can therefore be used also for indoor promotional tasks, where a noisy blower is inconvenient. .· Easy Installation – It takes up to 10 minutes to setup and break down the tent. Usually they are custom made with company logos or the customer’s artwork. The tent weighs between 25 – 50 kg and comes with a matching backpack for the 3m x 3m upto the 5m x 5m versions or transport bag up for the 6mx 6m and 7m x 7m versions.· Hard wearing – Out tents can withstand extreme weather conditions and wind speeds of up to 70 kmph, making these tents the preferred promotional tool for skiing and extreme sports· Broad range of sizes and designs – Tents are available in 5 sizes: 3×3 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7 meters and 3 models: Square, Square lite and Shell. With a broad range of interconnection options there are endless combinations available· Custom Designs – A broad range of various accessories are available such as connecting tunnels, visors, side walls, floor, ballast bags, LED lights etc. Work with our designers to create the structure of your dreams. No matter how large or small we will ensure that your creation is nothing short of breathtaking.You can choose from a variety of fabrics, colours, shapes and sizes for an innovative, memorable inflatable that is both distinct and practical.Contact us today to find out more.