When presented with a space or area that needs to be used for an event, it’s like being given a blank canvas – inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. So you’ve decided on the theme of the event but the next thing is to set the atmosphere, create the mood, and what better way to do that than by using lights – lots and lots of different lights!Your options:

Airflow inflatable lights:

‘The range of airflow inflatable lights from Stretch Structures are completely customizable,’ says Lucy Strong, from Stretch Structures head office.  ‘You can pick your shape, size and design and we can make it for you.’ These lights have a list of assets: they’re brandable, portable, durable, colourful and unique. Choose either hanging or standing light designs.
Inflatable lights to set the mood.
Lookin to add the finishing touches to your ambience.

Hanging inflatable lights:

These suspended inflatable lights come with an internal light-weight fan and a cord to hang it with as well as an internal screw-in bulb. Any shape. Any colour. Any size.
Hanging inflatable lightiin
Inflatable lighting – 31 point hanging star

Standing inflatable lights:

These come with a sturdy base and internal bulb attached to the base, they’re also powered by a quiet 0.5amp internal fan (requiring continuous power supply). White lights are perfect for colour projection or change the colour from within by using a gel – or, even better, use a remote controlled colour changing LED light for strobe or static colour changes
inflatable hanging spheres and inflatable standing cones
Inflatable lighting – cones and spheres