A word from our customers: Flo the Coffee Van

A Stretch Tent Adventure To The Isle Of Man, UK

It all starts with a concept. Being able to identify a gap in the market that can be filled by a new business, a concept that is hopefully unique, perhaps even quirky, that provides a product or service, or both! You don’t need to be a mind reader to try and understand what your potential customer needs, you just have a put yourself in their shoes.

 Stuart Johnstone of Stretch Structures Australia suggests that you ‘morph yourself into your client, get to the depth of their needs, find out all the details and in that way, you are able to present them with the best, most user-friendly and tailor-made solutions to their needs.’Our customer of the month has managed to cover all those criteria and they’ve added a good dose of personality as well as polished and polite service. We ventured way up north to the Isle of Man in the UK to meet Stuart and Annabel Gentry. They’re an enthusiastic team who describe their business concept as ‘unique, user-friendly and inviting.’They purchased their Stretch Structure to go with their mobile Citroen HY horsebox which has been lovingly restored and kitted out to serve a wide range of hot drinks, sugary treats and food-truck style grub. Mobile, service driven and packed full of goodies to satisfy everyone: from the sweetest tooth to the hulking hungry-man.Photo credit: Flo the Coffee VanAfter months of searching, they found us. ‘We had to look into what could withstand the winter months and high winds of the Isle of Man.
Since their signature style is tasteful, down-to-earth and inviting, it was important to them to find the perfect addition to not only match their style, but to extend their service zone, opening up many more options for weddings, fairs and charity events. They managed to find that in a 4.5m x 6m Stretchflex Lite marquee in Sand, which added that ‘wow’ factor to their business. ’When we received our tent it was better than we could imagine. It fits perfectly with our vision for our business and compliments our Citroen HY Coffee Van.’ They were also impressed with how easily it goes up, and packs down even quicker into a compact storage bag.
This is what we at Stretch Structures delight in…. satisfied customers who want to share their experience. If you have a story to tell, feel free to send us your information and we’d be happy to share your unique experience.Feel free to visit their website at: http://www.flothecoffeevan.com/.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Flo-the-Coffee-Van-1400323430270954/