A Candid Discussion

Question and Answer session 2015/ 2016


The designers at Stretch Structures have always been in the forefront of designing structures that are contemporary, different and eye popping.  Here is a insight into their ideas and thoughts:
  1. What new shapes/configurations do you offer, and what shapes/configurations do you have on the drawing board?
Stretch tents are available in a range of sizes and shapes from 4.5m x 6m up to 20m x 30m. And of course we have the option to custom make tents to fit your individual needs and requirements. The shapes and configurations are truly up to the imagination of the customer ordering!We are constantly developing new solutions to provide easier installation and more flexibility to our customers.  Along with ensuring we can continue to offer our customers more innovative and attractive solutions for covering there outdoor events.New product offerings planned for the stretch tent range for 2015/16 are;
  • Integrated flooring system for the stretch tents for easy deployment on hard surfaces
  • Retrofit stretch tent skins for clearspan pavilions and pagodas.  Aimed at allowing rental companies to maximise the return on there existing stock whilst offering a new attractive and innovative style of marquee
  • clear fabric and glazed wall options for the stretch tents

  1. What markets are you targeting for or what markets have a particular interest in nontraditional shapes? Has your market changed? If so, how?
Anyone interested in adding a creative twist in an interesting environment is the perfect fit for StretchStructures. Our audience ranges from wedding planners to brand ambassadors who go on the road to meet face to face with their target customers. The nontraditional shapes we offer are the perfect opportunity to impress guests and help a brand stand apart from their competitors. As companies work harder to impress, we find more consumers interested in the wide range of options StretchStructures provides. 
  1. In general terms, what does it take to introduce new shapes/configurations to the tent rental and event market?
Our consumers are excited to be the first to know about all of the latest and most exciting options available. With consumers being bombarded by the latest and greatest marketing techniques, companies are always interested in ways to captivate and capture their audience’s attention. We pride ourselves on offering cutting edge technology and designs that we can share with our audience as soon as it’s available. New designs are always a hit and the trend tends to develop from there. When great quality meets innovative design, the marketing is simply a matter of sharing what’s available. 
  1. What benefits do nontraditional tent shapes offer?

Non-traditional shapes mean that companies can use the stretch tents as part of their marketing and design, rather than creating an event around a boxed tent. The various shapes provide the opportunity for structures to blend into the environment, while making it easy to adapt to unusual spaces. In addition to the benefits of adapting easily to any environment, these shapes stand out and serve as an additional marketing tool. The shapes and colours are sure to make any company stand apart.

  1. What are the limitations of nontraditional tents. For example, it may be more difficult to gauge load capacity on a stretch tent, and you need poles, which are not needed in clearspan tents.
Although there are challenges with using stretch fabrics, they present many more opportunities than disadvantages.  We take careful consideration into ensuring the safety of all of our structures, including things such as load capacity. These calculations and the design to ensure adequate fall or shape for water (or in some cases snow) shedding are all handled by companies that have the expertise and skill to ensure safety maintains a priority.
  1. Do your tents require special hardware, equipment or special training for installation? Do they take longer to set up and, if so, how much longer?

StretchStructures go up quickly and easily, but they do require various amounts of time depending on the tent size chosen. We suggest that customers with a vision that includes large structures or multiple pieces, ensure they have enough time to erect the structures exactly how they want them. Those who want tents for touring events are always happy to learn about our structures that are carried in a lightweight backpack and just take one person to erect them. Representatives work with customers on a timeline to ensure their vision comes to life.

  1. How do stretch tents compare to traditional tents in terms of cost to manufacture/purchase/rent?
Stretch tents are a far more affordable option than traditional tents. The range of price options, including our new “lite” option, ensure our products are more cost effective to purchase than traditional tents.  There are also savings in shipping and storage due to the lightweight nature and compact design of our stretch tents.  Rental rates are then generally far lower, both due to the savings in the product cost, along with lower storage and maintenance cost.  However the greatest saving in rental is in the labour charges, as the tents are far easier and quicker to install than traditional tents.
  1. Stretch tents require specific types of fabric. How does that play into considerations by tent rental companies and their clients?

Our fabrics are the very best and high quality that clients have come to rely on. Every tent we produce undergoes several checks for manufactoring defects before it leaves our factory doors. The fabric includes a built in UV absorber for sun and fading protection, plus anti-bacterial agents to increase fabric life and inhibit stains. Companies are happy to know that their investment is built to last and their guests stay out of any environmental harm, such as heavy sun or rainfall. This is the highest quality fabric on the market, adding to the value companies receive from working with us. 

  1. Can stretch tents be custom printed? If so, have you done custom printing for clients? And, again, if so, please provide examples of what sort of customization you did.
Yes, the tents can be custom printed.  Full digital image quality printing is available on all our tents.  We use  UV dye-Sublimation process that includes CMYK + WHITE 5 colour printing to allow digital image printing on all base colours of our stretch tent fabric. We often custom print company logos, which naturally come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fonts, and colors.
  1. Do stretch tents require a different approach to lighting, graphic treatments or some other aspect of tent events? If so, in what way?

The exciting thing about working with stretch tents is that the tent can become a piece of the architecture. No longer do planners have to try and work around stiff structures. They can now include things like lighting, decor, and design as part of the overall look and feel of the entire event. The tent itself acts as a foundation for providing these other creative elements. 

11.  Do stretch tents present building code issues? If so, how are these issues being addressed?There are building code requirements, though these will vary both from country to country and in the US from state to state.  We ensure we provide engineering documentation and FR certifications for all our products, including our stretch tents. We work with our customers to ensure they comply both to all relevant international and local Building code requirements