Inflatable Lights = Atmosphere

The Light Fantastic

Inflatable lights are being used to transform a large space or create unique areas with colour – day or night. With so many options for free standing or suspended versions, these inflatable lights can be made in any colour, shape or size.We can also custom design an inflatable light that suits your theme or event requirements.Inflatable lights

Our lights offer:

  • Branding – Perfect for promotions. Inflatable lights have a large surface area, so they can easily carry your brand or logo.
  • Choice – Choose from freestanding or suspended lights in a wide range of styles, sizes and colors.
  • Easy Set-Up – These lights come with everything you need: an internal, lightweight fan, bulbs and either a cord for hanging or a sturdy base, depending on the style you choose (requires continuous power).
  • Durability – They’re built to last! They stand up to the test – no matter the environment or usage.
  • Portability – Lightweight, portable and easy to use in a variety of locations, both the free standing and suspended lights are very easy to move and transport.
  • Power Saving – You can use these lights for extended periods of time because they consume only minimal electrical power (free standing 0.5 -1 amp; suspended 2 amps).
  • Colour – Project colourful lights from within our white inflatables and quickly change the colour from within using a gel on the internal bulb with the colour of your choice: red, blue, green, yellow, amber, etc. For even more fantastic colour at night, we suggest you use external lighting.
  • Flair – Use a remote controlled colour changing LED lights for strobe effects or static colour changes.

Inflatable lights


We can manufacture inflatable lights and promotional inflatables to suit any shape or size.  For pricing information, please contact us here.