Traditional Marquees vs Modern Stretch Tents

The days of simple white, boxed tents are long in the past. Traditional marquees, with white walls and metal poles, used to be the only option for tents. Everything about events revolved around trying to take the eye away from the plain, white box and towards something more interesting. Fabric structures have changed the way event planners operate and bring an exciting new twist into event planning. What’s available now is quite different than the options that used to be the only choice. Below are simply four ways these new designs are changing up the event landscape and allowing better room for freedom and more exciting marketing options. Traditional marquees come in various sizes, but are all in some form of a boxed shape. The frames don’t allow for much flexibility so the option is either a square or a rectangle, with the tents typically being very enclosed. Freeform stretch tents are modular, adjustable, and flexible to fit any environment. The stretch fabric ensures you can find what you need to fit any location, from airy spaces to completely enclosed cosy tents.

  Traditional marquees are simply one basic color without the opportunity to use the sturcture for marketing or branding purposes. Freeform stretch tents come in a variety of colors and you can even choose ones that exactly match your branding. An added benefit is the opportunity to add your logo right onto the structure, which makes your brand truly stick out from your competitors. The ability to use these structures as part of your marketing and branding is a new added benefit that has never before been available through traditional structures.

  The boxed style of traditional marquees is a classic look, but leaves little room to be creative with structures. The poles and frames must be set up in a very specific way, which is outdated for the desired style of most events. Stretch tents are a much more modern way to infuse creativity and style into any location or event. The bright, funky, fun colors and shapes add a wow factor that guests don’t soon forget.

  The ability of freeform stretch tents to adapt to any environment makes them extremely flexible. Even beyond the actual flexibility of the fabric and frames, stretchtents allow you the most flexibility when planning your event. Everything from the shape, branding, and style allows the upmost in flexibility to choose the options that suit you best. Freeform stretch tents are truly designs that wow. We take great pride in wowing marketers with all of the options to make an impact and love it when they create structures and events that wow their guests. Come play with the options and see what you can create!